ORU has over 150 majors, minors and pre-professional programs ranging every interest, from business and biology to engineering, nursing, ministry, and more! Uniting a passion for academic excellence with the ability to hear God’s voice, thousands of ORU students from 145+ nations are being equipped and empowered to become leaders in their chosen field. Will you join them?

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College of Arts and Cultural Study

College of Arts & Cultural Studies

The College of Arts and Cultural Studies will equip you to bridge the cross-cultural divide and build purposeful relationships with diverse groups of people through an array of mediums including Communication and Media, History, Theatre, Music and more.

College of Business

College of Business

The College of Business utilizes cutting-edge business education and infuses a biblical worldview to prepare you to succeed and to lead in today's most in-demand professions, from the non-profit sector to corporate America.

College of Education

College of Education

The College of Education will equip you with the professional skills and credentials to teach and lead in public, private and Christian schools all around the world.

College Of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Anna Vaughn School of Nursing in the College of Health Sciences is at the forefront of nursing science, technology, and patient care. Through innovative curriculum, you’ll gain concept-based and immersive, high-tech instruction, fully preparing you for a future in the medical field.

College of Science

College of Science & Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering uses its own unique approach to enrich your Christian worldview in fields like Biology and Chemistry, Computing and Mathematics, Engineering and more.

College of Theology

College of Theology & Ministry

The College of Theology and Ministry will train you for compassionate, Spirit-empowered leadership, equipping you with a sound understanding of theology and an excitement that will fuel your passion for ministry in a multitude of contexts.

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