Bachelor of Education in
Elementary Education - Early Childhood


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The College of Education offers you the unique opportunity to graduate in four years with dual certification. A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Elementary Education enables you to teach kindergarten through grade eight in all subject areas. The additional certification in Early Childhood equips you to teach Pre-K through third grade, and ensures you can work as a professional caregiver in infant/toddler settings. Aligned with national and state standards, successfully completed programs lead to Oklahoma Teacher Certification and can be transferred to other states as well as internationally.

Degree Plan for B.Ed. in Elementary Education - Early Childhood

What can I do with a degree in Elementary Education with Early Childhood Education CERTIFICATION?

  • Teach children Pre-K through grade eight in public, private and Christian schools
  • Infant/toddler caregiver
  • Childcare center owner/director
  • Family support specialist/childcare services consultant
  • Serve in churches and non-profit institutions
  • Missions and international education
  • Curriculum/product development and sales

What are some of the core experiences?

  • Active, hands-on learning with experienced faculty committed to your success
  • Small classes with personal attention
  • Extensive classroom experiences (150 hours total) throughout the degree program, including Montessori and Reggio Emilia
  • Learn to create learning-centered environments embedded in classroom conversation
  • Learn developmentally appropriate practices, teaching methods, classroom management, and culturally responsive teaching

What makes ORU’s Elementary Education with Early Childhood Education program stand out?

  • Two certifications are earned in the time and expense usually required for one
  • Dual certification broadens your expertise, so you have more to offer potential employers
  • An innovative learning environment that includes avatars, technology-enhanced learning strategies, and Google Level 1 and 2 certifications
  • A research-based emphasis on literacy as a tool for processing, problem-solving, and communication
  • Nationally recognized mentoring program for ongoing support through your first year of teaching
  • Faculty who model the integration of faith and learning, professional and Spirit-empowered
  • The ORU experience—a challenging, supportive learning community

Fast-track program

ORU's Fast Track program offers you the opportunity to complete up to 12 hours of graduate course work as an undergraduate student…with no additional cost! For more information click here.

Are there scholarships available?

Many of our full-time, undergraduate virtual students receive ORU grants and scholarships through academic achievement and through ORU’s premier scholarship opportunity of our Quest Whole Leader Scholarship.

Quest Whole Leader Scholarship

General ORU Scholarships and Financial Aid

College of Education Scholarships (Applications available every spring for current ORU College of Education candidates)

Reasons to complete my ORU degree Virtually

  • Attend classes from anywhere...in the world
  • Live. interactive lectures in real-time through high-definition video conferencing
  • Taught by ORU on-campus faculty
  • Interact and engage with fellow students and professors in and out of the virtual classroom
  • Access to ORU Virtual resources 24/7
  • Fully accredited and Spirit-empowered degree program

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Dr. Jared Johnston.
Undergraduate Chair
College of Education

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