An icon recognized throughout the world, the Prayer Tower of Oral Roberts University is situated at the center of the campus to symbolize the importance of prayer. A separate area within the Prayer Tower houses the offices of the men's and women's chaplains. Graduate assistants for spiritual life will also work in this area.

The newly renovated room embraces many styles of prayer. There is a large gathering area for corporate prayer, a partitioned area in the main room for small-group prayer, and four individual spaces for private prayer. The room includes a map of the world to foster a global perspective, and a large cross, created by the ORU art department to remind participants of Christ's sacrifice and to see the world through the cross.

Special prayer emphases will be identified at different times during the day such as prayer for the armed services or specific nations. Students will have an opportunity to pray for individual requests submitted to the university by people from throughout the world.

The tower is 200 feet tall, and its location at the center of the campus underscores that communion with God must always be the focus of life. An aerial view of the Prayer Tower reveals the Star of David.

The Reece Memorial Gardens surrounding the Prayer Tower contain bronze statues of Jesus and two ORU students designed by Beverly Paddleford, reminding all that students come to ORU to learn God's will by sitting at Christ's feet.

From the ground a view of the observation deck represents the Crown of Thorns with red tips, denoting the blood of salvation. An eternal flame burns atop the Prayer Tower, symbolizing the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Hours of operation:

Noon to 5 p.m.  Monday - Saturday

Phone: (918) 495-7971

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