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Program Overview

Mathematical Linguistics is a subfield of Linguistics that uses mathematical concepts and methods to study and analyze the structure, form, and patterns of natural languages. This can include the use of mathematical models and theories to describe the syntax, semantics, and phonology of languages, as well as the use of computational methods for natural language processing and computational linguistics. Mathematical Linguistics is interdisciplinary, drawing on concepts and techniques from fields such as mathematics, computer science, and philosophy, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of human language and its underlying principles.

Mathematical Linguistics emerged as a response to the need for more precise and formal methods for studying and analyzing the structure of natural languages. Traditional methods of linguistic analysis, such as those used in descriptive linguistics, were often subjective and lacked the rigor and precision necessary for making scientific and formal statements about the structure of language. By using mathematical concepts and methods, Mathematical Linguistics provides a more objective and systematic way of studying and analyzing language, allowing for more precise and accurate descriptions of its structure and form.

Above all, our unique mission to develop Holy Spirit-empowered leaders through Whole Person Education can set you apart as an inspiring Mathematics Linguistics professional called to make a difference. You’ll experience a life-transforming education that will prepare you for a career in today’s complex technology-rich world.

Our commitment to equip Spirit-empowered leaders is why you can graduate from this program fully prepared to lead with purpose. The ORU Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Linguistics program will empower and challenge you to do your finest work!


What can I do with a B.S. degree from ORU in Computer Science?

Inspiring, purpose-driven graduates (that’s you!) can enjoy successful careers in:

  • Lexicography
  • ESL Teaching
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Technical Writing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing

What are some of the core experiences of this program? 

  • Descriptive Linguistics
  • Structure of Modern English
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Big Data and High Performance Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence




As an ORU Mathematics student with a concentration in Linguistics, you have the incredible opportunity to take part and acquire valuable tools for use in any discipline conceptual framework in the liberal arts tradition addressing the scope, power and application of mathematics. 

What about accreditation?

As a university, we meet the accreditation standards set by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Are there scholarships available?

Nearly 100% of our full-time, undergraduate residential students receive ORU grants and scholarships through academic achievement and through ORU’s premier scholarship opportunity of our Quest Whole Leader Scholarship. To learn more about financial aid, click here.

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