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Our purpose is to offer international students support and encouragement to grow academically, culturally, and spiritually while creating global awareness across the university. Our International Student Center is devoted to creating your home away from home during your educational journey at ORU and to supporting you to become global leaders. We encourage campus and community involvement through collaborative programs, services and events. 


Academic and Cultural Connects

Academic and Cultural Connects (AC²) is an on-going weekly orientation designed to support first-year international students academically and culturally as they gather with student leaders (Global Leader Organization members) in small groups.

Program Goals
  • Equipping students with various academic tools and resources
  • Helping to bridge the cultural, academic, and social gaps that come when moving to a new country
  • Building a friendly community
  • Easing their transition to America i.e. sharing things we wish we knew when we first came to America as international students




New international students sometimes experience culture shock and homesickness and may find it hard to get involved with campus life. 
To help with these challenges, at the beginning of each semester, we offer a peer-to-peer mentoring program that opens
doors to relationship building and resource connection to maximize the ORU experience. 


Converge is a bi-weekly Bible study and time of fellowship held in the International Student Center every Saturday from 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Converge is designed to serve both international and domestic students by providing a space for Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship. If you are interested in worshipping our God with other students from all over the world, Converge is for you!


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