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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

department Overview

Computer science and mathematics have infiltrated every aspect of our lives—driving new technologies that help make people's lives and jobs easier. Earning a degree from ORU's Computing & Mathematics Department prepares you for high-paying jobs in industry, business, government and education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over the next ten years, the number of job openings in computing- and mathematics-related fields will triple the number of available graduates. Our certificates, microcredentials, minors, and degrees in actuarial science, data science, computer information technology, computer science, mathematics, mathematics education, and mathematical finance are also excellent preparation for graduate work in these career fields. Under the direction of caring, Christian scholars and teachers, you will explore these fascinating scientific fields and graduate ready to go into every person's world.


Some of the outstanding features of this program:

  • We're growing! Our department has doubled in size over the last five years, we have new computer labs, and a brand-new high-performance computer called Titan.
  • The ORU Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) encourages networking with professionals in the computer science field and greater awareness of technological advances. 
  • ORU's excellent professors will encourage you to participate in undergraduate research projects in areas such as high-performance computing, data science, and nanotechnology.
  • Professors provide extensive individual attention to students, assuring they have full understanding of all concepts covered.
  • You'll have the opportunity to enter fun and challenging competitions such as the ACM computer programming competition, the Putnam Exam and others. Last year, our ACM team placed second at the Global Hackathon held in St. Louis winning $2,500.


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Computer Information Technology


Bachelor of Science degree in CIT empowers you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the impact that computers have in today’s society. This rapidly expanding industry needs...

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Computer Science


Oral Roberts University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Science empowers you with the skills and knowledge to design, develop, implement and maintain computer systems utilized in today’s society...

Data Science

Data Science


Oral Roberts University’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Concentration in Data Science is a residential program that can equip you to become a data or machine learning/AI scientist, analyst, or engineer...

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Information Technology


ORU Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a 100% online program that can give you real-life skills to serve as an IT professional, while preparing you to take CompTia® certifications. You will graduate with skills to...

Mathematical Finance


With the Oral Roberts University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematical Finance you will graduate with strong quantitative skills that are in demand by today's finance sector. More than this, our unique mission...

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Oral Roberts University’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics is a residential program that can equip you to become a top-tier Mathematician. You can graduate with the knowledge and skills to address applied mathematical problems in...

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Mathematics Education


The worlds of social sciences and physical sciences come together by way of solving problems in our Mathematics Major. In our Math Education major, we learn how to present those problem solving skills and abstract reasoning...

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Mathematics - Preactuary Concentration


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in Preactuary is a residential program that can equip you to become an actuary professional. You will graduate with skills in business and...

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Mathematics - Prehealth Concentration


Oral Roberts University’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematica Pre-Health is a residential program that can equip you to become a Doctor. You can graduate training in both...

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Mathematics - Premedicine Concentration


B.S. in Mathematics Pre-Medicine is a residential program that can equip you to become a Doctor. You can graduate in training in both mathematics and pre-health content...

Department News

ORU Dedicates New High Performance Computing Lab - August 26, 2020
The dedication of ORU Computing & Mathematics Department's new Stanley White High Performance Computing Lab made possible by a generous gift from the Stanley White Foundation.
ORU Professor Incorporates Coronavirus Data into Lesson Plan - April 7, 2020
Oklahoma News Channel Six's interview with Dr. Lang about his integration of COVID-19 modeling into his differential equations course.
Excellence: New Computer Science Degree Opens Doors for Grads - Mar 9, 2020
ORU Excellence magazine feature on Titan, Dr. Wheat, and our new Computer Science major. students.
International Math Students Excel - Jan 13, 2020
Two of our students from China exemplify ORU's "Whole Leaders for the Whole World" ethos.
$100,000 Donation Adds To ORU's Computing Power - Dec 20, 2019
We received a $100,000 donation from the Stanley White Foundation to create a new high performance computing lab.
$500,000 Grant Adds To ORU's Supercomputing Capability - Jul 16, 2019
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Dr. Stephen Wheat, in collaboration with colleagues from Cameron University and East Central University, a $500,000 Campus Cyberinfrastructure Grant.
ORU Professor Awarded For Work On Supercomputer - May 21, 2019
The Oklahoma's Council on Information Technology has awarded Dr. Stephen Wheat the Certificate of Achievement for Private Institution Excellence for his exemplary work in bringing Titan to Oral Roberts University.

More News

Excellence Magazine: Letting Titan Loose - Oct 16, 2018
Professor Travels To New Zealand For Exclusive Conference - May 11, 2016
ORU Receives Largest Grant In Institutional History - Jan 06, 2016

Advisory Council

ORU's Computing & Mathematics Advisory Council is an external group of alumni and friends of the department who provide advice and counsel on issues related to programs, accreditation, and fundraising.

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