High Performance Computing at ORU

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a multi-processor environment that allows users to run jobs on several processors at once (also called parallel processing). This could mean running jobs capable of splitting itself across multiple compute nodes, or, running several different jobs at once. The ORCA team is here to help ensure your success, to work with you, and make sure you are able use the computing systems in the best way possible.

ORU's HPC is a combination of various hardware and software designed to make users feel like they are interacting with a single machine (instead of hundreds of compute nodes). The login node is your entry point into the system. When you access the supercomputer, you get directed to your home directory on the login node. At this point, you can manage your files, get them ready for submission, submit a job, view the status of pending jobs, etc. Once you submit your job, it gets queued along with all the other jobs submitted by other ORCA users. When the required amount of resources (compute nodes) become available, the batch scheduler determines which set of compute nodes to use, and executes your job.


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