The Computing & Mathematics Advisory Council is an external group of alumni and friends of the Department of Computing and Mathematics at Oral Roberts University. The Council supports and advises the faculty in developing and accomplishing department goals and objectives, promotes the department in the community, and contributes to the well-being of the department and its students.


Council members contribute by doing the following:

  1. Providing advice and counsel to the faculty and department chair on important issues related to the programs, students, and outreach of the department.
  2. Providing information regarding relevant required knowledge, needed skills, and trends in technology industries to help guide academic offerings.
  3. Promoting and participating in new initiatives, such as initial and continuing accreditation.
  4. Promoting and participating in extending the reach and influence of the department to the larger community.
  5. Providing advice and counsel on broader STEM issues, programs, and initiatives.
  6. Engaging and actively supporting the fundraising efforts of the department.


Suzanne Behr

Suzanne Behr

(Retired), VP of Engineering, Sercel GRC

Suzanne Behr has worked in the field of engineering throughout her career...

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

Software Engineer, Flight Safety

Andrew Morris is a Staff Software Engineer at FlightSafety International Simulation. He graduated summa cum laude from Oral Roberts University...

Dane Boswell

Dane Boswell

Senior Global Process Consultant, Hilti, Inc.

He holds a B.S. degree in Management Information System (Class ’93) and MBA from Oral Roberts University. He is currently employed as Senior Global Process...

kim sellers

Kim Sellers

Database Consultant Sellers Consulting

Kim Sellers graduated from ORU in 1981 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree...

Trey Bomier

Trey Bomier

Executive Director of Operations, Saint Francis Health System - Muskogee Hospital

Trey Bomier serves as the Director of the Institute for Emerging Technologies at Saint Francis Health System...

Brien Brown

Brien Brown

VP and Chief Information Officer, ONEOK

Brien Brown is the Vice President and Chief Information Officer for ONEOK...

Brent Lewis

Brent Lewis

Director of Software Engineering, BOK Financial

Brent Lewis serves as the Director of Software Engineering for BOK Financial. In his role....

carr profile

Scott Carr

Director of Information Technology for the City of Broken Arrow

Scott Carr is a seasoned business executive with over 30 years’ experience in Computer Science and Information Technology Management ....

profile pic

Becca Wilson

Owner and CEO Spherexx.com®

Becca Wilson, Owner & CEO, B.A., B.S, graduate of the University of Tulsa, founded Spherexx.com® in 2000...

profile pic

Brent Coussens

Director of IT with Williams Company

Brent Coussens graduated from ORU with an undergrad business degree (1983) and an MBA (1985)...

profile pic

Grant Wachendorf

Senior Vice President, Treasurer at Gateway First Bank

Grant Wachendorf has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematical finance (2016) from Oral Roberts University. He currently serves as ...

slamon ruiz

Salmon Riaz

CEO of Gladius Technology Solutions, LLC

Salmon Riaz is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gladius Technology Solutions, LLC, ...

All full-time Computing and Mathematics faculty also serve on the Advisory Council:



March 4, 2024




Front Row (L to R) – Becca Wilson, Kim Sellers, Suzanne Behr (CMAC Chair), Sasha Turtova, Dr. Jayne Ann Harder, and LeighAnne Locke

Back Row (L to R) – Brent Coussens, Brien Brown, Salmon Riaz, Brent Lewis, Scott Carr, Andrew Morris, Trey Bomier, Dr. Jan Woerner, Dr. Stephen Wheat, Dane Boswell, Dr. Andrew Lang (Department Chair), Dr. Enrique Valderrama, and Grant Wachendorf

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