University Assessment System

Learning Outcomes


Each academic program consists of a combination of the following learning outcomes:

1. University Outcomes

2. Professional Outcomes

3. General Education Outcomes


University Outcomes

The University outcomes develop Holy Spirit-empowered leaders through whole-person education to impact the world.

#1 - Spiritual Integrity
Students will learn to hear God’s voice by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and increasing their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit—for themselves and others. Students will pursue wholeness and integrity in their relationships with others and with God. Students will expand their biblical knowledge, approach life from a Spirit-empowered worldview, and learn to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Watch Spiritual Integrity (0:35)
President Wilson on Spiritual Integrity (40:00)
#2 - Personal Resilience
Students will learn the skills needed for motivation and perseverance in addressing the complexities of life. Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to adapt appropriately to changing environments. Students will honor God by embracing wellness through self-management and self-care, including physical exercise, good sleep patterns, and proper nutritional habits.  
Watch Personal Resilience (0:34)
President Wilson on Personal Resilience (32:49)


#3 - Intellectual Pursuit
Students will learn to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills in preparation for professional careers. Students will demonstrate knowledge and an increased capacity for knowledge attainment and participate in identifying, analyzing, and creating solutions for the world’s most significant problems.  
Watch Intellectual Pursuit (0:29)
President Wilson on Intellectual Pursuit (24:28)
#4 - Global Engagement
Students will learn to model respect, responsibility, flexibility, adaptability, and sacrifice as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of a globalized world. Students will learn to use multiple strategies to develop culturally responsive relationships that support and encourage constructive change.
Watch Global Engagement (0:34)
President Wilson on Global Engagement (42:16)
#5 - Bold Vision

Students will learn to recognize, develop, and communicate bold responses to today’s complex issues. Students will contemplate God’s purpose for their lives and God’s vision for their futures while also seeking to understand the world’s challenges and how these dynamics intersect. Students will learn practical, scalable objectives that assist in moving from vision to reality and be challenged to bring hope and transformation to the world.

Watch Bold Vision (0:36)
President Wilson on Bold Vision (30:03)


2. Professional OUTCOMES

Each of ORU's programs has professional outcomes that have been approved by faculty to assess the program’s effectiveness in producing graduates who are professionally competent. The program outcomes reflect the standards of the discipline.

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Professional Program Accreditation

The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Several programs are accredited by discipline-specific professional associations at the college, department/school, or individual program levels.ORU | Professional Program Accreditation

3. General Education Outcomes

The general education curriculum consists of an essential core set of courses common to every program upon which discipline-specific courses can scaffold to fulfill the University’s mission to develop Spirit-empowered leaders through Whole Person education to impact the world. General education outcomes are based on the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) essential learning outcomes

The general education outcomes are:

General Education Outcomes
Core Literacy Intercultural Knowledge & Engagement Lifelong Wellness Global Issues, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking & Creativity

Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge essential to a Spirit-empowered, classical liberal arts education through effective communication.

Engage diverse cultures by integrating a Christian worldview with intercultural and historical knowledge.

Demonstrate knowledge and skills that promote healthy lifestyle choices to develop spiritual, mental, physical, and social wholeness. 

Demonstrate problem-solving using critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and ethical reasoning to address global issues.


Learning Outcomes

Assessment System Continuous Improvement

Recent Improvements

- Revised University outcomes

-  Syllabi updated to demonstrate each course's contribution to the revised University outcomes

- Revised general education outcomes

Next Step

- Complete pilot of data collection and reporting using key program assessments


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