University Assessment System

Key Program Assessments

Key Program Assessments

Key Program Assessment

What is a Key Program Assessment?

Key program sssessments (KPA) are used by the university assessment system. They measure student's mastery of the program outcomes. Most programs use 3-8 KPAs. Key program assessments are used in general education courses that are required for most students. 

Each key program assessment has:

(1) Assessment instructions | Example 

(2) Directions for scoring | Example

(3) Assessment instrument | Example

Key program assessments may be externally- or internally-created measurement tools

Externally-created examples: Professional exams, proprietary instruments, surveys, observation instruments, portfolios, etc.

Internally-created examples: Senior project, papers, presentations, observations of field experience, final exams, portfolios, performances, business plans, etc.

Each program has a crosswalk displaying the alignment of key program assessments with University and professional outcomes:

EXAMPLE | Outcome & Key Program Assessment Alignment | Nursing (B.S.N.) 

Click below to view examples of key program assessments:
Cinema, Television, Digital Media KPA Management (B.S.) KPA Teaching and Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) KPA
College of Arts and Cultural Studies
Cinema, Television & Digital Media (B.S.)
Fenimore & Fisher College of Business
Management (B.S.)
College of Education
Elementary Education (B.Ed.)
Nursing (B.S.N.) KPA Engineering (B.S.E.) KPA Bibilical Studies (M.A.) KPA
College of Health Sciences
Nursing (B.S.N.)
College of Science and Engineering
Engineering (B.S.E.)
College of Theology & Ministry
Biblical Literature (M.A.)


Key Program Assessments

Assessment System Continuous Improvement

Recent Improvements

- Reduced the amount of key program assessments required per program 

- Faculty updated assessment instruments to include the revised University outcomes

Next Step

- Update KPAs for general education courses that are required for all sutdents 

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