University Assessment System

Curriculum Maps

curriculum maps 

Curriculum maps identify how the courses in the degree plan serve to develop the program outcomes. 

The three stages of instruction and assessment of the learning outcomes include: 

  • Introductory (I) - Introduce learning goals
  • Developmental (D) - Develop/emphasize learning goals
  • Mastery (M) - Mastery/measure learning goals 


Professional Program Curriculum Maps
Click below to view examples of curriculum maps:


College of Arts & Cultural Studies | Curriculum Maps College of Business | Curriculum Maps College of Education | Curriculum Maps
College of Arts & Cultural Studies

Political Science (B.A.)

Fenimore & Fisher College of Business

Entrepreneurship (B.S.)

College of Education

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

College of Health Sciences | Curriculum Maps College of Science & Engineering Program | Curriculum Maps College of Theology & Ministry | Curriculum Maps
College of Health Sciences

Nursing (B.S.N.)

College of Science and Engineering

Mathematics (B.S.)

College of Theology & Ministry

Theological and Historical Studies (M.A.) 


General Education Curriculum Maps

General education courses scaffold the learning experiences for student success. Outcomes are assessed in the core courses required for all students.

General Education Course & University Outcome | Curriculum Map

General Education Course & General Education Outcome | Curriculum Map

Curriculum Maps

Assessment System Continuous Improvement

Recent Improvements

-Programs have identified the courses where assessment of each program outcome at the mastery level

- General education has updated their curriculum map to align with the revised University outcomes

Next Step

- Programs will complete the curriculum map updates

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