University Assessment System

Assessment Framework

Assessment Framework

The University assessment and continuous improvement process evaluates student learning and engagement with learning outcomes through monitoring activity at three levels:

  1. University
  2. Program
  3. Course
University Assessment System


University-level Assessment

With the renewed University focus on the vision “to the uttermost bounds of the earth” in terms of globalization, the University faculty embarked upon a detailed process to envision the future of ORU, resulting in revised University learning outcomes.

The University Planning Council (UPC), which consists of representatives of faculty, staff, administration, the Board of Trustees, and the President, are responsible for assessment at the University level. Twice a year, the UPC incorporates program review assessment results, along with University operational assessment data, to evaluate progress toward the University goals, recommending adjustments and revising annual key performance indicators as needed.

Program-level Assessment

Each program is assessed on an annual basis. Each program uses key program assessment data to assess the University, professional, and general education student learning outcomes.

When considering program improvement needs, faculty also evaluate Senior exit surveys, alumni surveys, professional advisory group recommendations and reports, changes in professional standards, and other relevant data, including numbers of majors and program graduation rates.

Course-level Assessment

Faculty evaluate student achievement of the course outcomes that are aligned to University and professional outcomes. Faculty use key program assessment data results to make improvements to the curriculum and their instructional practices. Faculty also measure student engagement and evaluate themselves in order to continually improve their courses.

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