University Assessment System

Evidence of Student Learning

Evidence of Student Learning

The University assessment system uses key program assessments to measure student mastery of the University, professional, and general education learning outcomes.

Reporting Schedule

Key program assessment data reports are currently provided using spreadsheets and bar graphs biannually:

  • Fall semester (December)
  • Full academic year (May)

A new system will provide dashboards for data analysis at any time.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Reporting Scale

A numeric score ranging from 0.00 - 4.00 is generated using key program assessments. Students may receive a score of 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0 for each rubric criterion. Criterion scores are aggregated to create reports at different levels. 

Reporting Levels

Click below to view examples of the data reports provided at various levels:

Reporting Level
ORU Outcomes
Professional Outcomes
University Example Not Applicable
College Example Example
Program Example Example
Assessment Example Example
Criterion Line Example Example


Click below to view examples of program data reports:


Communication (B.A.) Data Reports Management (B.S.) Data Reports Teaching and Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) Data Report
College of Arts & Cultural Studies
Communication (B.A.)


Fenimore & Fisher College of Business
Management (B.S.)


College of Education
Teaching and Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)
Nursing (B.S.N.) Data Report Example Engineering (B.S.E.) Data Report Example College of Theology and Ministry Program Reports
College of Health Sciences
Nursing (B.S.N.)


College of Science & Engineering
Engineering (B.S.E.)


College of Theology & Ministry
Ministry & Leadership (B.A.)


Evidence of Student Learning

Assessment System Continuous Improvement

Recent Improvements

- Longitudinal data tables provided to program faculty

Next Steps

- Explore new tools for reporting data

- Create dynamic reporting dashboards that are viewed  on the Continuous Improvement & Assessment SharePoint site


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