The Need for Edge Computing:

empowered edge

Cutting-edge technology at the very outermost bounds of the Internet is used to pre-calculate, pre-aggregate, and to analyze for and react to patterns and events within streaming data. In Edge Computing, devices and their computing capabilities with connected sensors are included for multiple uses. Small computing capabilities located near the data origin allow possible reactions to be performed faster. Also, data that has to be transported to a central computing platform in the cloud or to a computing center located far away can either be reduced to a minimum or stored and postponed to be transferred at a time of less traffic. 

For example, a small computer with sensors in a street lamp or traffic light can analyze noise stream data to detect a gunshot, its origin, and its direction. A computing unit at the edge of the network may detect a car accident and can call for help and notify of location before any human being has contacted 911. The potential uses for Edge Computing are endless.

Computing and Math department projects will utilize drones to measure the dimensions of a room and for fully automated inspections of buildings to locate damages.

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