With duties as a professor, advisor, musician and mother, Catherine Klehm has a pretty full plate. Klehm teaches General Chemistry lectures and labs for both science majors and engineers.  Her passion is to help students achieve introductory steps to their future careers by helping them achieve success in fundamental concepts of science.  Doing that while incorporating a Christian Worldview into the chemistry content makes her courses unique and gives an ORU distinctive. 

Prior to teaching at ORU, Klehm was a student at ORU herself. She majored in Science Education and continues to put those skills to use in practical ways. The gifting to teach clearly runs in Klehm’s family. Her father was an ORU professor in the Biology department for over 30 years.

When asked about her favorite part of the ORU atmosphere, Klehm responds, “I love seeing the passion of the students in their career choice and in the call from God on their lives.  I get to help them grow in their ability to hear the voice of God within their learning environment, which may shape their career in ways only God can know."

With such a busy schedule, Klehm still remains grounded. She clearly has fervor for teaching and deeply cares about getting important information rooted into students. Her passion lies in helping her students learn-in whatever forms that takes. This fits hand-in-hand with her teaching style-to teach for understanding.

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