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We know that earning an education is worth the investment and takes time, energy, and resources. We want to equip you with information and opportunities as you prepare for your future.



Our online programs offer an affordable, flexible option for undergraduate and graduate degrees. As you review the cost of attending, remember that you can benefit from many forms of financial aid for which you may qualify. Figuring out how to pay for ORU isn't just a financial plan -- it's a success plan.





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Federal financial aid may be available for qualifying students based on the results of the
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is free to complete
and may help you offset the cost of education-related expenses.

  File The FAFSA.


Types of Financial Aid

These are offered based on need and do need to be repaid with interest. Students will be required to complete a FAFSA to qualify for federal loans.

Learn More about the FAFSA.

These are non-governmental loans made available to students and parents by banks for the purpose of paying for college expenses. They do need to be repaid with interest.

Learn more about private loans.

The Pell Grant is for undergraduate students with need as determined by FAFSA. Pell Grant award amounts vary depending on the determined need .  Part-time students receive lower amounts. Available only to undergraduate students without a bachelor's degree. 


Scholarship Opportunities 

Students who previously left ORU and have since applied to return in 2023, or after, are eligible to receive an exclusive offer of 50% off their tuition if they have 15 hours or less remaining to complete their degree when they return to ORU. Students who have between 16 and 30 hours remaining to complete their degree are eligible to receive an exclusive offer of 25% off their tuition. (Applicable for part-time or full-time online students.)

We want to honor the significance of being the first person in your family to graduate by offering a First-Generation Scholarship. This scholarship will provide 15% off tuition to students who will be the first within their family to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Scholarship Application

This discount is offered to both active duty military and veterans who are actively pursuing their degree as a full-time or part-time student. Undergrad is $250 per credit hour. Masters is $275 per credit hour. Doctoral is $300 per credit hour. 

This discount provides 15% off of tuition for military spouses of active military members and veterans.

We have 100+ partners around the world /images/online/images-online/partnerships.jpg

ORU is very pleased to be in partnership with specific churches and organizations around the world to offer a set of curriculums and seminars that provide the best training possible to Spirit-empowered leaders. Some of these partnerships include discounts to their paid staff, spouse, dependents, or even church members. Please speak with your Admissions Representative or Success coach to see if you qualify today! We are proud to partner with organizations around the world. 



Outside (Non-ORU) Scholarship Resources

Tulsa Community Foundation Scholarships

Tillman Scholarship
Award: $10,000

Great Plains ACAC Scholarships
Award: $1000

The Youthist Scholarship Program
Award: $1,000

Landmark Student of Recovery Scholarship
Award: $1,000

The Daniels Fund Scholarship Program
Award: up to $25,000

Students who are notified by a scholarship organization/donor that they will be receiving an outside scholarship will need to email a copy of the official award letter to ORUonlineFA@oru.edu. Once received, the Financial Aid Office will place the scholarship placeholder on the student’s account until the scholarship payment is made to the account.

Scholarships will be processed and divided according to the amount, term, or semester provided on the award letter. If this information is not specified, the scholarship will be divided between the terms that the student is enrolled in.


Outside scholarship check can be sent to the following:

ATTN: Student Accounts

PO Box 700895

Tulsa, OK 74170-0895



Verification is the process by which student Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information is documented and verified for accuracy.

Access our school’s unique website link in the email from VGCS@inceptia.org or listed below.

Create your account* and choose preferences for text messages and e-signatures.

Complete your Task List.

Confirm your signature and review your information.

Sign your account.

*If you are a dependent student, your parent also needs to create their own account and complete each of these steps.

We have established a partnership with Inceptia to expedite the federal verification process for Oral Roberts University. Verification Gateway (VG) from Inceptia is an online portal to guide students and parents through verification. If your FAFSA application is selected for verification by the U.S Department of Education, you will receive an email from VGCS@inceptia.org, or postcard from Inceptia, containing Oral Roberts University’s unique website link to start the verification process. 

2023-2024 Federal Verification: https://oru.verificationgateway.org

Contact Inceptia, Monday through Friday 8 am – 7 pm Central at 888.374.8427 or VGCS@inceptia.org.


Professional Judgement

The FAFSA uses a past year's financial data because it is easily verifiable (e.g. taxes and W-2s). However, sometimes changes in employment, marital status, or health can make past financial data become outdated for the purpose of estimating current year financial data. Professional Judgment (PJ) may be utilized for special circumstances that the FAFSA does not take into consideration. For example, loss of income, high medical bills, and extenuating family situations. Professional Judgment is the process of having the ORU Financial Aid Office override FAFSA data for federally-approved situations using reasonable methods for adjusting the FAFSA data inputs. No changes are made to the FAFSA's EFC formula.

Professional Judgment is also used for students who are considered Dependent by FAFSA but have unusual family circumstances that allow the ORU Financial Aid Office to determine the student is Independent for FAFSA. Dependency Override situations include abusive parents, incapacitated parents, and other sensitive family situations. Dependency override adjustments are rare so a follow-up questionnaire may be requested, and full documentation is required to be considered for approval

Professional Judgment Petitions can only be obtained after first submitting a FAFSA for the applicable school year, even if the FAFSA will be unofficial or rejected as a result of not having a Dependency Override processed yet, for example. If your EFC is already $0, only a Dependency Override PJ Petition would be considered. 

Also, any PJ Petition for the fall semester should be fully documented before the end of July 1. The further after July that a PJ situation occurs, the less likely it will be considered for the current school year. However, the financial situation may be accounted for on a following year's FAFSA

If you have already submitted your FAFSA, you may inquire about your eligibility for Professional Judgment by completing the following form. If determined eligible for an adjustment, you will be sent a petition to complete for requesting additional funds, and a list of documentation to include. Once you submit the form and accompanying documentation, your information will be reviewed and the Financial Aid Office for an adjustment using the information you provided. Please allow two weeks after documentation is complete for processing of PJ adjustments.

Professional Judgement Form


Additional Resources

We offer a flexible, interest-free monthly payment plan option that can help you reduce the need to borrow finances while paying off your remaining balance over time. Payment plans range from 4 to 5 months each semester.

Select Payment Plan 

Use our net price calculator to see what assistance you may be eligible for.

Price Calculator 

Requirements and renewal information for financial awards made to students from Oral Roberts University. 

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