Phone: 918.495.6549
Fax: 918.495.6607
E-mail: registrar@oru.edu


Staff Member

Contact Information

Areas of Responsibility

Connie Sjoberg
University Registrar

PH: 918.495.6549

  • Catalog Updates
  • Committee Service
  • Enforces Compliance with Academic Policy as stated in University Catalog
  • FERPA Compliance Officer
  • Primary Contact for Faculty and Academic Staff

Olivia Fortenbery
Administrative Coordinator

PH: 918.495.6549

  • Answers General Questions about Policy and Procedure
  • Monitors Office Phone Calls and Emails
  • Oversees Department Files in Banner Document Management System
  • Oversees Department File Room
  • Oversees Department Mail
  • Oversees Department Office Supply Orders and Work Orders
  • Oversees and Trains Department Student Workers
  • Processes Change Catalog Year Petitions
  • Processes Change of Campus Petitions
  • Processes Change of Major/Concentration Petitions
  • Processes Change of Minor Petitions
  • Processes Credit Change Petitions
  • Processes Duplicate Diploma Requests
  • Processes Enrollment Adjustment Requests
  • Processes HPE Credit Adjustment Requests
  • Processes Increase Maximum Hours Petitions
  • Processes Name Changes 
  • Processes Virtual Student Status Petitions
  • Submits Departmental Travel Requests
Jonathan Weed
Associate Registrar - Innovation/Technology

PH: 918.495.6084

  • Evaluates New and Emerging technology for Applicability in the Registrar's Office
  • Primary Contact for Questions About Banner and Vision
  • Monitors Integrity of Academic Data
  • Oversees Federal and Institutional Reporting for the Registrar's Office
  • Schedules and Performs End-of-Term Processing
  • Processes De-enrollment
  • Processes Report Requests
  • Oversees the design, Implementation and Maintenance of Electronic Transcripts and Digital Credentialing

Christine Welden
Associate Registrar - Policy & Operations 

PH: 918.495.6205

  • Approves Curriculum Change Proposals
  • Certifies Degrees for Graduate Students
  • Oversees the Certification of Enrollment for Veteran Students
  • Reviews and Certifies for Department of Defense Tuition Assistance
  • Creates Articulation Agreement's Final Draft
  • Evaluates Degree Audits for Graduate Students
  • Evaluates Degree Plan Sheets
  • Maintains Academic Calendars and Refund Schedules
  • Management of Office
  • Non-traditional Credits
  • Prepares Department for Commencement
  • Prior Learning Assessment
  • Processes Change of Graduate Program/Concentration
  • Programs Graduate Class Schedule
  • Veteran Credentialing, Federal Reporting, and State Auditing 
  • Readmit Requests
Andrea Pool
Assistant Registrar - Operations

PH: 918.495.6952

  • Answers AP/CLEP/Transfer Questions
  • Evaluates Transcripts
  • Oversees Electronic Transcript Requests
  • Processes Advanced Standing Petitions
  • Processes Change of Grade Petitions
  • Processes Honor Contracts
  • Processes ORU Transcript Requests
  • Processes Study Abroad Credit
  • Processes Transfer Petitions
  • Processes Withdraw Petitions
  • Programs Online Class Schedule
  • Reviews Articulation Courses

Caitlin Lambert
Graduation Certification Specialist

PH: 918.495.6916

  • Certifies Degrees for Undergraduate Students
  • Evaluates Degree Audits for All Undergraduate Seniors
  • Evaluates Degree Completion
  • Processes Audit Course Petitions
  • Processes Commencement Participation Petitions
  • Processes Online Course Request Petitions
  • Processes Pass/No Pass Petitions

Cari Bontrager
Degree Evaluation Specialist

PH: 918.495.7967

  • Certifies Certificates for Certificate Program Students
  • Evaluates Academic Standing (Probation and Suspension)
  • Evaluates Degree Audits for Undergraduate Juniors
  • Evaluates SAP Audits
  • Processes Substitution of Required Course Petitions
  • Processes Prerequisite Waiver Petitions
  • Processes Waivers Petitions
  • Reviews HPE Progress on All Residential Undergraduate Students

Compliance Officer 

PH: 918.495.6549

  • Communicates/Collaborates with Clearinghouse and NSLDS
  • Processes the Title IV Reporting of Enrollment and Graduation Status of All Students for Federal Compliance
  • Processes Enrollment Certification for Veteran Students
  • Processes Enrollment Verification Requests
Caleb Turnbow
Registrar System Analyst

PH: 918.495.7323

  • Analyzes Departmental Processes to Maintain the Integrity of Student Data
  • Answers Questions About Banner and Vision
  • Maintains Course Fees
  • Maintains/Monitors ePetitions
  • Maintains/Updates ePetitions Website
  • Processes Curriculum Change Proposals
  • Programs Course Information
  • Programs Degree Audits
  • Programs Information About Academic Programs
  • Programs Terms and Related Information
  • Programs Undergraduate Course Schedule
Jean Curry
Military Education Benefits / Advising Specialist

PH: 918.495.7480

  • Primary Contact for Military Education Benefits
  • Processes Enrollment Certification for Veteran Students

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