The Registrar’s office has the privilege of certifying all university degrees.  We want to ensure that all students are aware of and able to complete the degree requirements specific to their academic program.  For this reason, degree audits are recommended for all undergraduate students during their junior and senior year and for all graduate students during their final year of study.  Our office is available during fall, spring, and summer (on campus and online) to assist you in your graduation goals!

Residential Students Degree Audit

We recommend that all students taking on-campus classes attend an audit in person.  The Registrar’s office is located at the side entrance of the Graduate Center (floor 2 ½) facing the Graduate Center.  It can be accessed inside on the third floor through the hallway behind the Deli.

Virtual or Online Student Degree Audit

Students attending classes virtually/online can attend an audit by phone or on Zoom.  To enter your scheduled audit on Zoom, you will log into accudemia or click on reminder link 5 minutes before selected meeting time.  It is highly recommended that Zoom attendees are in a secluded area at the time of the appointment.  If a phone call is preferred, please enter your preferred contact number when scheduling the appointment or email the appropriate staff member.

Scheduling Instructions:

  1. Log into https://accudemia.oru.edu using your ORU username and password
  2. Click on ‘New Appointment’ 
  3. Type: “Registrar’s Office” in the search box and double click
  4. Select ‘Junior’, ‘Senior’, or ‘Graduate’ audit
  5. Click on the dropdown for ‘Any Available Tutor’ 
  6. Select the name of the person to conduct the audit (the only name which will appear should be the auditor for the type of audit you have selected).
  7. You will leave check marks only for the days you are available to schedule.
  8. Select the time that works for your schedule (if you do not see any times available, click on ‘Next’ to see the next week’s availabilities).   
  9. In the ‘Notes’ section (2nd field as shown below), enter your Z#, Program information (major, minor, degree plan year, etc.), and when you anticipate finishing your degree.  Select your preferred contact method (in person, Zoom, or phone) before clicking Confirm.
  10. Click ‘Confirm’ 

Click Here for Printable Instructions

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