Diploma Replacement

Subject to its procedures, ORU will replace diplomas for alumni who have lost or damaged a diploma. Diplomas will not be replaced for other reasons, such as the change of the name of the alumni. The name on a replacement diploma must match the name listed on the original diploma issued by ORU. The replacement diploma will not be an exact duplicate of the original diploma. Replacement diplomas will have the signatures of the current officeholders of ORU. To verify that it replaces a diploma previously issued, replacement diplomas will also contain a statement indicating that the diploma was replaced and the date of replacement. Duplicate diplomas will only be issued as required for immigration purposes (e.g. where an official diploma is required and retained by a governmental entity for travel) and the duplicate diploma will be issued in accordance with the criteria set forth above for replacement diploma. 

Please note: you cannot receive a replacement diploma if you have an outstanding balance due to ORU.


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