Your new home!

Your residence hall room will be your unique space in which you should feel comfortable and at home. All rooms come furnished with bed(s), desks, desk chairs, chest of drawers, closet or wardrobe space, and one Microfridge. See Room Previews for specific images and room configurations.

All rooms include Cox cable TV and internet access (both wired and WiFi).

Just when you think you have brought everything you need, you will start to move in and unpack... only to discover that you have forgotten something! This is inevitable, but the University Store on LRC 3 sells many such items, and there are many stores in the Tulsa area that are easily accessible from ORU.  

We recommend bringing the following items with you to help personalize your space:

Twin extra long (80 inches) bed sheets 3M Command Adhesive strips for hanging pictures, posters, etc.
Comforter Computer/laptop (see above link for dorm specifications)
Extra blankets Power strip/extension cords
Matress Cover (Twin extra-long) Bath Towels
Alarm clock Clip-on light/standing lamp (halogen Lamps are not permitted)
Iron Vacuum Cleaner/Stick Vac
Ironing board Stackable crates/storage drawers
Trash bags Weather-appropriate gear/attire for cold, rainy, snowy seasons
Lock box  Shower shoes/shower basket


Claudius and EMR Residents:

In addition to the items listed above, we also recommend that Claudius and EMR students bring a fan for their dorm room. Recent energy recovery ventilation improvements have been added to these resident halls to improve the overall air quality. The result is better air quality condition and a positive air environment. To preserve the positive air environment, windows remain shut in Claudius and EMR.

Claudius and EMR both have a two-pipe water system for their HVAC. It takes a few hours to convert to AC from heat and vice versa. Because of the few hours conversion factor, a fan can be an added bonus on unseasonably warm days.

Please keep these housing policies in mind when planning for your room:

Television Electric burner/griddle
Stereo/CD player Toaster
Computer Coffee maker without automatic shut-off
Hot pot (without exposed heating element) Halogen lamp
Coffee maker with automatic shut-off Space heater
Hot air popper Personal refrigerator (all rooms come equipped w/ A Microfridge unit
Oscillating fan Air Fryer
Policy on Outside Furniture

Additionally, students are not permitted to bring personal furniture to furnish their room with the exception of a desk chair. Personal sofas, love seats, futons, papasan chairs, slings, bean bag chairs, and other furniture items are not permitted in the residence halls. Additionally, all university supplied furniture MUST remain within the room during the course of the academic year.  Missing items will be billed to the responsible student at current replacement cost .

3M Command Adhesive Tape adhesives
Magnets Foam square adhesives/hooks
Magnetic white boards (for metal doors in Claudius/EMR) Nails/wall anchors

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