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The purpose of the terms and conditions given below is to provide for basic operations of University Housing facilities and to give all residents a mutual understanding of operating policies. Oral Roberts University has the authority to interpret, revise, extend, or grant exceptions to these terms and conditions on the basis of need and merit of individual cases. Any request for exceptions and any extensions must be made in writing. All room assignments are made without regard to race, creed, or national origin

  1. The term of occupancy covered by this agreement is from August 13, 2018 until May 5, 2019 with the exception of the Christmas break (December 15, 2018  through January 6, 2019; halls will re-open for residents at 8am on Monday, January 7, 2019).  Students are not allowed to remain in the residence halls during this period.

  2. All students, upon matriculation at Oral Roberts University (ORU), must pay a ($200) enrollment fee prior to selecting or being assigned a room.  This fee is non-refundable and is applied toward several services provided to students as they matriculate at ORU, including residence hall and room selection, class schedule creation and orientation events

  3. Students residing in residence halls are required to participate in the meal plan from the date of assignment until the end of the academic year.

  4. The Student Housing agreement is binding from the date of assignment until the end of the academic year, except for reason of graduation.  Any exception for release from the terms of this agreement can only be considered with either verification of official withdrawal from the University or a waiver of the University Residency Policy obtained from the Office of Student Development.  Any cancellation prior to the end of the academic year is subject to the Oral Roberts University policy on refunds on the ORU Registrar’s
    Cancellations made after August 1st for the Fall semester or after the last day of occupancy for the Fall  (for upcoming Spring term) may result in a $125 Late Cancellation charge

  5. The University reserves the right (1) to cancel or change any room assignment in the interests of the resident group, study conditions, in the enforcement of policies governing conduct and procedure, the interests of health, sanitation, and safety, and in cases of recognized emergency; (2) of entry into any quarters for cleaning, repairs or maintenance of order, to ensure safety and health standards, and/or to assure compliance with University rules, policies, codes, regulations and procedures;  (3) to enter any quarters to inspect or investigate a potential violation of University rules, policies, codes, regulations and procedures (such inspection shall include, but not be limited to the physical quarters as well as any personal belongings and equipment or device that can be used to create, store, reproduce, transmit, download or connect with any cable or wireless communication system); and (4) levy and collect charges for damages to rooms or equipment occasioned by the fault or neglect of the resident.

  6. Only guests officially invited by the University are allowed to remain in the residence halls overnight.  All non-residential guests are subject to University housing policies and procedures.

  7. Each resident will observe the following procedures which are intended to provide for prompt and accurate service and protection of property: (1) check in personally with the Resident Advisor before occupying room; (2) be a properly registered student in the University; (3) occupy selected/assigned space in person and not sublease space to another person; (4) transfer to another space in housing facilities only after written approval of Housing Office; (5) keep room, room furnishings, and personal belongings in good order at all times and room and furnishings free from damage; (6) check out and return room key according to specified procedures when vacating a room at the end of a session or transferring to another room.  Failure to return the room key or to officially check out of your room according to specified procedures will result in an additional charge to the student’s account.

  8. The University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property of the resident. Personal property left by the student upon vacating the room is subject to removal and disposal by the University at the student’s expense. The University is not responsible for injury resulting from resident’s use or occupancy of University housing. Occupant is not covered by any University policy of insurance covering personal injury or property damage resulting from theft, vandalism, unlawful entry, fire, explosion, the elements, water or other causes of damage. Student residents are encouraged to purchase and maintain their own individual insurance polices to protect themselves and their personal belongings.

  9. In the interest of health, safety, protection of property, and conformity with the lifestyle and policies of the University, the following are prohibited in University housing or housing areas at all times: keeping pets, possessing or use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives (including firecrackers, incense candles, flammable liquids or other chemicals), roughhousing, obscene pictures, advertising, construction or repair by residents, unauthorized public devices, and the creation, storage, reproduction, transmittal or downloading of any type of pornographic or obscene materials by use of any electronic equipment or device. No pictures, articles or tracked items may be fastened in any way that is damaging to the walls, woodwork, furniture or electrical light fixtures. The striking of fire by students is prohibited on campus except for use in University approved programs. Neither cooking nor possession of cooking apparatus is permitted in rooms and food should be stored in such a way as not to attract insects. All prohibited items found on the premises in violation of these regulations may be impounded and/or confiscated by the University.

  10. Each resident will abide by the laws of the State of Oklahoma, the ordinances of the city of Tulsa, and the rules, policies, codes, regulations and procedures of Oral Roberts University. Each resident is responsible for compliance with all polices, procedures and regulations set forth in the Student Handbook and the University Policy and Code of Honor. Oral Roberts University retains the right to change and to establish such additional rules, regulations, policies, codes or procedures as may be required at the discretion of ORU for proper and orderly care, operation and maintenance of the premises, and furtherance of ORU’s Purpose. Failure of a resident or his/her guest(s), to comply with and observe any such rules, policies, codes and procedures of the University will subject the resident to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, impoundment of equipment and/or student dismissal and/or removal from the premises.

  11. Residence in University Housing is based upon the student’s continuance as a student in good standing at ORU. The University may require a resident to vacate the premises if this condition is not met. Any student suspended or expelled from the University will be required to vacate the premises immediately.

  12. A student who officially withdraws from the University is expected to vacate the premises within (48) hours following withdrawal. Room and board charges will continue to accrue and be pro-rated according to the schedule in section 4 of this document.

  13. Any student either using an unauthorized key to enter a room or trespassing will be subject to dismissal.

  14. All room assignments occur on a first-come first-serve priority, according to the room selection schedule published by the Office of Housing.


Consideration for exceptions can only be made once the student has submitted a Petition for Policy Exception requesting such consideration.  Cancellations made after August  1st for the Fall semester or after the last day of occupancy of the Fall (for upcoming Spring term) may result in a $125 Improper Check-out/Cancellation charge

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