(As Amended – November 15, 2020) 

The purpose of these standing rules of the Association (“Standing Rules”) is to provide ongoing direction for the governance of the Board. All capitalized and defined terms used in these Standing Rules shall enjoy the same meaning as in the Bylaws, unless otherwise specifically noted. These Standing Rules may be modified, revised, repealed, or suspended, as directed by the Bylaws  

While "Robert's Rules of Order" may provide the general standard for the governance of Board meetings, "Robert's Rules" will be superseded by any pertinent Standing Rules, any applicable provisions of the Constitution, Bylaws or by temporary supplemental rules as may from time to time be adopted. 


1.  All Board minutes shall be made available to any Regular Member who makes a written request of the Association.  

2.  Notice of the availability of Board minutes may be published each time the financial report is published.  

3.  These Standing Rules shall be divided in specific topical headings for organizational purposes to allow easy reference.  



The attendance of Directors at Regular and Special Meetings may be published in an alumni periodical. In such case, the publication would note only the individual Director's attendance or absence from each session of the Board.  



1. The Board is authorized to raise funds to financially support the purpose of the Association as generally set forth in the Constitution, the Bylaws of the Association, or as specifically directed by the Board.  

2.  An annual financial report shall be prepared and made available to all Directors and to all Regular and Associate Members requesting such information in writing. The annual report shall be kept on file and available to any Regular Member of the Association.  



1.  The Association Office shall have complete access to and use of any and all parts of the Association mailing list containing the most current information of Regular and Associate Members (“Association Mailing List”).  

2.  Current Directors shall have access to the portion of the Association Mailing List containing their constituents for the Year-Group Segment they represent or graduated in. 

3. Individual Schools and Departments of the University may access the portion of the Association Mailing List containing constituents of such School and/or department, subject to approval from the Executive Committee. 

4. The Executive Committee and Board have discretionary power for other uses of the Association mailing list.  



1. A semi-annual report reflecting the status, actions, and plans of the Board, Executive Director, Executive Committee, or other committees, may be prepared and presented to the ORU Board of Trustees. 

2. A copy of such report described above shall be distributed to the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to being presented to the ORU Board of Trustees. Directors shall have ten (10) days to comment on the report and such comments may be used in preparation of the final report presented to the Board of Trustees. 

3. A copy of the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings shall be provided to current Directors, within forty five (45) days following each Executive Committee meeting. 



There shall be an "Alumni of the Year" committee (“AOY Committee”), consisting of at least three (3) Directors appointed pursuant to the Bylaws, who shall annually receive, screen, and recommend nominees to receive "Alumni Awards” in all, some, or none of the following categories: (1) Distinguished Service to God; and/or (2) Distinguished Service to the Community; and/or (3) Distinguished Service to the Alma Mater; and/or (4) Distinguished Service "In Every Person's World”; and/or (5) The Rising Servant Leader. 

The AOY Committee will evaluate the nominees for each award based on criteria which could include, but not necessarily be limited to:  

(1)  Distinguished Service to God:  Excellence in fulfillment of Oral Roberts' vision for students to go into "every person's world" through full- or part-time ministry in a church, missions organization, or ministry. 

(2)  Distinguished Service to the Community:  Excellence in serving the community and society, including those outside the kingdom of God, by bringing God's voice, light, and power into their world; and excellence in meeting unique challenges presented by their environment. 

(3)  Distinguished Service to the Alma Mater:  Excellence in their field of service, contributions to the total life of the University, and spiritual impact on students, the ORU community, and fellow alumni. While nominations in this category may be based in part on outstanding or faithful financial support of ORU, this is not a prerequisite.   

(4)  Distinguished Service "In Every Person's World”:  Excellence in carrying out ORU's founding vision through service and achievements in non-ministry/non-missions fields, and by representing Christ in their particular corner of "every person's world." 

(5)  The Rising Servant Leader Award:  Granted to a young alumnus/alumna who has received an undergraduate degree from ORU within the last ten years, and who has shown exceedingly outstanding, Christ-like character. The intent is to acknowledge young alumni and their accomplishments while commissioning them to “fight the good fight of faith” by representing ORU, with unimpeachable character, through their service to God, service to the community, service to their alma mater, and service in every person's world.

Furthermore, in each category, quality and longevity of service and ministry may be considered, and those who have served "quietly and faithfully" will be on equal footing with those who are widely recognized for their work. Each nominee's life and conduct should reflect Christ's character as revealed in Scripture. 

After the AOY Committee has evaluated the nominees, the AOY Committee shall present the full Board with its recommendations for honorees in each, some, or none of the categories at the Regular Meeting preceding Homecoming. Upon presentation, the Board shall either (i) select the award honorees for each category from among multiple nominees presented, and/or (ii) ratify the selection of a single nominee for an award. Selection of an honoree from multiple nominees or ratification of a single nominee shall be determined by a majority vote taken via secret ballot of the Directors present. 

The award may be conferred annually during the Homecoming activities, and may include honorees and their spouses.  



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