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Detailed Tuition and Cost

A Spirit-empowered degree from ORU is life-changing and worth the investment. Use the direct and indirect costs listed on this page to start planning your educational budget while we partner with you to discuss the many pathways to consider in financing your degree.


Direct Costs
Tuition + Room + Meal Plan + Fees

Indirect Costs
Books + Travel + Additional Expenses

Financial Aid
Scholarships + Grants + Federal Aid



Your Educational Budget
(Direct Costs + Indirect Costs) - (Financial Aid) 


Direct Cost

Keep in mind, that most of our undergraduate students benefit from scholarships, federal assistance and our interest-free payment plans, which can greatly help you reduce the need to borrow. We’d love to help you create a financial plan. Connect with us today!  

2020-2021 Direct Cost Snapshot (Fall and Spring Semester)

Tuition $29,700
Room* $4,050
Board* $4,600
General Fee $770
Technology Fee $330
Student Services Fee $130
Total Estimated Direct Cost $39,580

*The financial aid budgeted amount for Room and Board is based on the cost of a meal plan with a standard double room. Your actual cost may change depending on the room type you select. 

As a full-time residential student, you can save during the fall and spring semesters through our block tuition. Block tuition means you pay one flat rate per semester for a course load between 12–18.5 credit hours.



Per Semester
(Block Rate)

Fall and Spring
(Block Rate)
All Undergraduate Residential Programs $14,850 $29,700


*If you enroll in less than 12 credit hours, you’d pay the standard cost per credit hour. If you enroll in more than 18.5 credit hours in a semester, you’d pay the block-tuition rate plus the standard cost per additional credit hour.

Residential Students 
Plan Per Semester Fall and Spring
Basic $2,300 $4,600
Flex Eagle $2,300 $4,600
Flex Gold $2,300 $4,600
Flex Plus $2,300 $4,600
Flex One $2,300 $4,600
Apt. (Option A)* $1,025 $2,050
Apt. (Option B)* $1,025 $2,050

*Apartment options are only for students living in our on-campus apartments. Students living in our apartments may also select a traditional meal plan at $2,300 per semester.

Commuter Students 
Plan Cost
Option 1 $60
Option 2 $145
Option 3 $265
Option 4 $180
Option 5 $1,275

Commuter meal plans are non-refundable, non-transferable plans that expire at the end of the academic school year.

Housing rates vary depending on residence hall, room type and occupancy. Explore our options below. All freshmen must live in EMR and Claudius for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.

Residence Hall Per Semester 

Fall and Spring

Claudius - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Claudius - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Claudius - 7th Floor Suite $3,400 $6,800
EMR - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
EMR - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
EMR - 7th Floor Suite $3,400 $6,800
Frances - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Frances - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Michael - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Michael - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Susie - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Susie - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Susie North - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Susie North - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Gabrielle - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor - Dbl. Occupancy w/ Private Bath $2,260 $4,520
Gabrielle - 1st & 2nd Floor - Private Room w/ Private Bath $2,775 $5,550
Gabrielle - 3rd Floor - Double Occupancy $2,025 $4,050
Gabrielle - 3rd Floor - Private Room $2,550 $5,100
Niko Hall - Dorm Level - Double Bedroom $2,550 $5,100
Niko Hall - Dorm Level - Single Bedroom $3,050 $6,100
Niko Hall - Apt. Level - Double Bedroom $4,300 $8,600
Niko Hall - Apt. Level - Single Bedroom $4,825 $9,650


Fee Fall and Spring
General Fee $770
Technology Fee $330
Total Fees $1,100



Indirect Costs

In addition to direct costs like tuition, you may use financial aid to help with certain indirect costs such as books, travel and miscellaneous expenses. To help you prepare a budget, we’ve estimated the following indirect costs.

Item Per Semester Fall and Spring
Books and Supplies $960 $1,920
Travel Allowance $893 $1,786
Miscellaneous Expenses $960 $1,920


2020 Summer Direct Cost

Tuition rates for summer vary depending on session and learning format.

Housing rates for summer vary depending on the number of days in your residential session with an average cost of $30 per day for Summer 2020. We encourage you to consider our Summer 360 Program, which allows you to work on-campus during the summer, earn money and receive a summer housing waiver (free housing!). To qualify for free housing, you must work a total of 360 hours between Spring 2020 graduation and the end of July. For more information, visit our Student Employment Office.

Financial aid is available for the summer terms upon application and follows the FAFSA used for the preceding fall and spring terms. Once you have enrolled in your summer class, submit your Request for Summer School Financial Aid online to receive personalized financial aid information for the summer term. Academic and Quest scholarships are not available during summer terms.

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