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File your FAFSA by May 1 for priority scholarship and financial aid consideration!


The Department of Education has recently updated the FAFSA to make the process quicker and easier. As expected, there are delays and maintenance issues with the launch of this new system.


Should I file a FAFSA?

Yes! We understand that paying for college can be stressful, but millions of students who don't fill out the FAFSA are missing out on billions of dollars in free money. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Why is it important that I file early?

Submitting your FAFSA form by the earliest due date is your best opportunity for receiving a priority financial aid offer. Missing deadlines can take you out of the running for more money. Get started today!

What do I need to complete the FAFSA?

Verified account username and password (FSA ID), parent or spouse contributor name, date of birth, Social Security number, email address, and income and asset information (if required).

When will I receive my financial aid offer?

Despite the difficulties, please rest assured that ORU is working diligently to create a priority financial aid offer for YOU. After all, nearly 100% of our full-time residential students receive scholarships and financial assistance at ORU!



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