At the point of admission, future Golden Eagles are eligible for one of two scholarship programs, the Academic Scholarship program or the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship program.

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Quest Whole Leader Scholarship

Ranges up to the cost of Full Tuition

Eligible students* are automatically awarded a Quest Whole Leader Scholarship upon admission, but are also granted the opportunity to be considered for 1 of our 15 full-tuition Quest Scholarships by securing a nomination and taking the next step to submit a Quest Essay.

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academic scholarship

Academic Scholarship

Ranges from $6,000 - $11,000

Academic Scholarships are based upon academic qualifications.

Tier 1 (4.0+ GPA) - $11,000 3.00 GPA for renewal
Tier 2 (3.50-3.99 GPA) - $10,000 2.75 GPA for renewal
Tier 3 (3.00-3.49 GPA)  - $9,000 2.50 GPA for renewal
Tier 4 (2.50-2.99 GPA) - $8,000 2.00 GPA for renewal
Tier 5 (2.00-2.49 GPA) - $6,000 2.00 GPA for renewal
Tier 1 (3.50+ GPA) - $10,000 2.75 GPA for renewal
Tier 2 (3.00-3.49 GPA) - $9,000 2.50 GPA for renewal
Tier 3 (2.50-2.99 GPA) - $8,000 2.00 GPA for renewal
Tier 4 (2.00-2.49 GPA) - $6,000 2.00 GPA for renewal

athletic scholarship

Athletic Scholarship

Ranges up to the cost of attendance

Athletic scholarships are based upon participation in NCAA Athletics. Students receiving NCAA Athletic Scholarships are not eligible for Quest Whole Leader Scholarships.


oru scholarships

We know that earning an education is worth the investment, and takes time, energy, and resources. We want to equip you with information and opportunities as you prepare for your future.

Scholarship Opportunities for Freshmen - Seniors

Availability: Freshmen - Seniors

A singular application for the variety of restricted scholarship funds that the Financial aid office is able to use to help students who show financial need. The application is open from Feb 1st to May 15th each year.

Deadline: May 15

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Availability: Freshmen - Seniors

By agreement with the United States Air Force, eligible full-time students at Oral Roberts University may participate in Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) and receive an officer’s commission in the Air Force upon graduation.

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This scholarship is available to ORU Undergraduate students who are from countries outside the United States and who are a recipient of the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship.

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Availability: Sophomores - Seniors

It provides financial support for a school of business student who has a strong Christian commitment has a Love for Jesus Christ and is actively involved and serving. Student must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher. 

Deadline: May 15

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Availability: Freshmen - Seniors

This scholarship is for students seeking a degree in Evangelism or Communication. Click here to review the instructions prior to completing the application.

Deadline: May 15

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The Legacy Scholarship is available to any student(s) if one or both parents have graduated from ORU. (Not available for online students.)

This scholarship is for a full time print or broadcast journalism major who demonstrates financial need.

Deadline: May 15

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This scholarship is awarded to students who are part of the ORU Debate team. It is contingent upon being enrolled in COM 400-Debate as well as maintaining a minimum GPA requirement. Students interested in this scholarship may contact Dr. Agena Farmer at afarmer@oru.edu.

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Need-based Aid is limited to those who are eligible and have filed a FAFSA within priority deadlines, and display financial need as indicated by the EFC listed within the FAFSA.

Availability: Freshmen

This scholarship is available for ORU students who are the first generation to attend college in their family.

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This scholarship is available to ORU students who are of Hispanic descent and who are a recipient of the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship.

This scholarship application is available for students who are majoring in ORU's Entrepreneurship program.

Deadline: May 15

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This scholarship application is for students who are majoring in Broadcast Media majors.

Deadline: May 15

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Availability: Junior and Senior female students

This scholarship is for junior and senior female students of all majors who have a heart for God and a financial need. The scholarship award is a minimum of $3000 for the school year, distributed as $1500 each semester. As part of this scholarship program you will get to meet and have dinner with Ms. Behr.

Deadline: May 15

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Other Scholarship and Reference Information

Requirements and renewal information for financial awards made to students from Oral Roberts University. 

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Students who previously left ORU and have since applied to return in 2023 or after are eligible to receive an exclusive offer of 50% off their tuition if they have less than 15 credit hours remaining to complete their degree when they return to ORU. (Applicable to part-time or full-time, and residential or online)

Students who left the university due to medical or military leave may appeal to have their original Quest awards reinstated regardless of credit hours remaining to complete their degree.

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Oral Roberts University matches tribal scholarships up to $2,000 for incoming undergraduate students in their first year.

Eligible students can benefit from being a member of an American Indian tribe. You will need your Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card, a current FAFSA on file with us, and financial need as defined by the FAFSA.

This award is a one-time grant and cannot be renewed.

Oklahoma students can automatically qualify for the program by achieving designation as a National Merit Scholar, National Merit Finalist or United States Presidential Scholar or by scoring at or above the 99.5 percentile on the ACT or SAT. For fall 2020, the ACT required score is a total sum score of the ACT skill areas of 135. For fall 2020, the SAT required score is a total sum score of the critical reading and math skill areas of 1540.

Students who qualify can receive a $4000 scholarship towards tuition, room & board, books, fees, etc. It’s advised that students speak with their Guidance Counselors but they can also find the application online.

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Outside (Non-ORU) Scholarships List


GreenPal Scholarship
Deadline: October 15
Award: $2,000

Women in Business Scholarship Program
Deadline: December 1
Award: $1,000

Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Deadline: June 15
Award: $1,500

Lighted Pathways Scholarship
Deadline: June 1st
Award: $5000

Computer Science Scholarship Program for College Students
Deadline: August 1
Award: $1,000

PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship
     Fall - August 5
     Spring - December 5

Dolphin Galleries Scholarship For The Visual & Creative Arts
Deadline: June 30
Award: $1,000

Discover Early Childhood Early Childhood Education Scholarships
Deadline and Award amount varies per scholarship

Nurse Corps Scholarship Program
Deadline: Submissions accepted all year long
Award: Tuition and applicable fees

Premier Nursing Academy Scholarships
Deadline and Award vary by award

Tulsa Community Foundation Scholarships
Deadline and award amounts vary per scholarship

Oklahoma Community Foundation Scholarships
Deadline and award amounts vary per scholarship

Junior League of Tulsa
Deadline: December 10
Award: $2500

Tillman Scholarship
Deadline: February 1
Award: $10,000

Great Plains ACAC Scholarships
Deadline: February 15
Award: $1000

Oklahoma Central Foundation
Deadline: April 1
Award: $1250

The Youthist Scholarship Program
Deadline: August 1
Award: $1,000

Landmark Student of Recovery Scholarship
Deadline: July 15
Award: $1,000

The Carson Scholars Fund
Deadline: January 15
Award: $1000

The Daniels Fund Scholarship Program
Deadline: November 15
Award: up to $25,000

Healthline and Nature Conservancy - Stronger Scholarship
Dealine: April 22
Award: $5000

renewal Criteria

Discover guidelines and renewal criteria for ORU's undergraduate Quest Whole Leader Scholarship Program.

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