Software Accessible on Schooner

Free and/or open-sourced software is accessible to all OSCER users. Software licensed through the University of Oklahoma is only acessible to eligible University of Oklahoma faculty, staff and students. Software purchased by individuals will only be made available to them and designees of their choosing.

Requesting a New Software Installation

You may request new software deployments at any time, but we highly recommend sending your request as quickly as possible. For non-commercial users, OSCER can deploy software for you free of charge.

Requests must be sent to support@oscer.ou.edu with the following information:

  • Name of the software
  • The version of the software
  • URL to download the installer package, OR, copy of the installer package

    NOTE: Software must Linux compatible and capable of running in a multi-cluster environment

  • Any other information pertinent to successfully deploying the software (compiler information, etc.)

Every effort will be made to process requests as quickly as possible. Since each software deployment is different and poses its own challenges and complexities, we are unable to provide an estimate or guarantee a turnaround time. We strongly recomend sending us your request as soon as you anticipate a possible need (rather than waiting until you actually need to use it).

You may also deploy software in your home directory, but only to the limit of your quota (20 GB in most cases). We don't recommend deploying software in your scratch directory because it'll get automatically deleted after a few weeks.

Note about Commercial Software:

Users wanting to have commercial software deployed on OSCER systems are responsible for the costs associated with licensing. OSCER does not fund commercial software. Prior to purchasing the software, please work with us to verify that the software that you want to buy is compatible with our systems and is allowed by the vendor to be deployed there.

Software List

Run module avail on a Titan login node to see the list of available software

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