ORU Students of ALL MAJORS can compete for $10,000 in prizes!

This competition is designed to empower students from all disciplines to dream big and equip them to create actionable plans to bring those dreams to life. Students will learn to create viable business plans, share their vision in a compelling manner, generate funding for successful commercialization and work on a team comprised of students from different colleges across the University. This competition will offer students a chance to tap into their inner entrepreneur as they learn how to plan and launch a successful business from the ground up.

General Requirements:

This is an ORU student competition. Students are expected to be the driving force behind the business ideas and should play the primary role in developing the business plan. Qualification to participate in the ORU Business Plan Competition is determined by meeting the eligibility criteria, application requirements, and by adhering to the deadlines below.


Any ORU team of currently enrolled residential ORU students (1 to 5 people).

Criteria: Feasibility, viability, and relevance of the problem

How to Enter:

To enter, one individual from the team should complete the application form. Application can be found by emailing sc4e@oru.edu.  

Business Plan:

Throughout the program, students will work to create a business plan of the idea that they are bringing to the table. In their plan,, they will consider aspects of their business like defining the business model, marketing strategy, and financial projections. 


The competition unfolds in two rounds of pitches.  The panel of judges is carefully selected from among ORU alumni and Tulsa’s entrepreneurial community, bringing expertise aligned with the diverse nature of participating businesses.  In the first round, students present their pitches to receive feedback to build on the final presentation based on a score system derived from essential business plan elements.  

Top teams will be selected for the final round of pitches. Here a new panel of judges, will select the top three winning teams. The prize money comes down to $10,000 divided among the top three teams. 

Deadline for Submissions:

Competition will run in fall semesters only. Look into SC4E website for more information and updates. 

SC4E Website

Decisions regarding the Competition and the Winners:

All decisions regarding the competition rules and procedures are at the sole discretion of the ORU Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship staff. Judges have the final decision on which teams will make it to the second round and the final top three winners. Judges are guided through the score program to make and selection and receive insight from the Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship to complement their decision. The decision of the teams to compete and the decision of the winners are the sole discretion of the judges and the Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship staff. Though not anticipated, changes and/or interpretation of competition rules may be made by the Stovall Center for Entrepreneurship staff at any time.

This program fits within the broader context of the F&FCOB’s vision to develop an entrepreneurial presence in the business community. Plans are in place to strengthen the F&FCOB’s entrepreneurship course offerings and offer a platform for entrepreneurial speakers and entrepreneurial connections in the local business community.

Note: The program does not require entrants to have a license to the business intellectual property (IP) or for this process to be completed prior to entering in the competition. However, teams are encouraged to research the viability of obtaining an exclusive license to the IP, as well as to research the potential costs. The owner of the IP should be notified that the team is using their IP to compete.

An ORU student who enrolls in or enters an ORU entrepreneurship, innovation, acceleration, incubation, and/or startup class, competition, or program is deemed not to have Substantial Use of ORU resources and thereby retains all ownership rights in the Intellectual Property created in such endeavors, provided however, if compensation or other remuneration is provided by ORU to the student arising out or relating to these activities then the Intellectual Property remains the sole property of ORU.

For more information on business on competition guidelines. Click here

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