Customer Guidebook

Dialing Instructions

On-Campus Calls . . . {4-digit extension number}

Local Calls . . . 9 + {phone number}

Long Distance Calls . . .  9 + 1 + {area code} + {phone number}

International Calls . . . 9 + 011 + {country code} + {city code} + {phone number}

Toll-Free Calls . . . 9 + 1 + 800 + {phone number}




Operator Assistance

Operator . . . 9 + 0

  • Assists with US or International Long Distance Collect Calls.

With calling Card, credit card, or third party billing:

  • Assists with US or International LD Calls.
  • Connects to US or International Directory Assistance.

International Directory Assistance . . . 9 + 0

  • Not directly accessible from any ORU phone extension.
  • Must use calling card, credit card, or third party billing.
  • Available only through Long Distance Operator.

University Services Operator IOS . . . 9 + 0 + 0
(Independent Operator Services)

With calling card or credit card:

  • Assists with US or International LD Calls.
  • Assists with US Long Distance Collect Calls.
  • Connects to US Directory Assistance.

Outgoing Collect Calls . . . 9 + 0 + {area code} + {phone number}



In the Case of an Emergency

The ORU Department of Public Safety and Security is open 24 hours a day. Students can report criminal or suspicious activity at any hour by calling 495-7750. The department is to be notified of all emergencies - Fire, Ambulance, or Police. Emergency 911 is answered by qualified personnel at the Tulsa Police Department who will dispatch emergency services. Students, Faculty, and Staff are to contact the ORU Public Safety and Security Office to coordinate emergency procedures.


Voice Mail Operations

Checking Voice Mail

     From Your Extension

1.     Press the Voice Mail button or lift the handset and press #.

2.     At the prompt, use the dial pad to enter your password.  (If you have not been assigned a password, use the default password, 1234.)

3.      Press #.

Note - If you are logging in for the first time, the system prompts you for a new password and asks you to record your name.

     From Another Extension

1.      Press # Twice.

2.     Enter your extension.

3.     Enter your password.

4.     Press #.

      From An External Extension

1.    Dial your extension number.

2.     When the message starts to play, press # several times until you hear "Welcome to the ShoreTel Phone System".

3.     At the prompt, enter  your extension number.

4.     Enter you password followed by #.

Managing Messages

After listening to a message, you can replay it, send a reply to the person who left the message, forward it to someone else, replay the date and time information, save it or delete it.

To Replay All Of Your Saved Messages

Press 3 at the Main Menu prompt.

As a safeguard against accidental erasures, the system retains deleted messages for a few hours.

To Listen To Your Deleted Messages

1.    Press 7 at the Main Menu prompt.

2.    Press 7.

Voice mail plays all the deleted messages still available to the system.  During playback, you can manage deleted messages as if they were newly arrived messages.

To Restore A Deleted Message

Press 2.

Changing Mailbox Options

Personalize your voice mail by changing your name, password or personal greeting.

To change your personal settings from the Main Menu, press 7 and follow the recorded prompts.

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