I recently moved from the residence halls into an off-campus apartment. Do I need to change my decal?

  • Yes. Come to the Department of Public Safety office anytime. You will be issued a new permit at no charge. A charge of $5.00 will be charged for additional permits. If needed, we will assist you in the removal of your old permit.
  • The same applies if you change to a different car; a new permit will be issued at no charge.

If I lock the keys inside my automobile or need a jumpstart, are Public Safety officers able to assist me?

  • Due to liability and the complex airbag systems in modern automobiles, DPSS officers do not open locked doors. Please contact either a bonded locksmith or a wrecker service to retrieve your keys. However, we can jumpstart your battery if it is dead.

I had something stolen on campus. What do I need to do?

  • Immediately notify the Department of Public Safety and report the offense. Come to the office and provide a complete statement. If a crime scene exists, an officer will come and investigate. It is helpful to have the serial numbers and the costs of large items. We can also assist you with the filing of a Citizens Crime Report with the Tulsa Police Department.

If I am involved in an accident while driving through a university lot, what do I need to do?

  • Immediately call ORU Security and report the collision. If possible, do not move the vehicles. An officer will arrive and make a complete accident report. You may have your insurance company request a copy of the report after three working days if your agent submits a request on letterhead stationery. He may fax his request to 918.495.7673.

Where do I go to pay a traffic citation?

  • All parking fines, except for immobilization fines, are paid at Student Accounts, located on the west side of the Graduate Center Building room GC2D-01.
  • Fines for immobilization should be paid at the Department of Safety & Security with cash or check made payable to ORU. This fine can not be charged to your account.

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