Regulations regarding parking permits

Annual registration of vehicles ensures current registration and updated vehicle and license plate information. Parking decals may be purchased at the Department of Public Safety at anytime. During registration decals are available on LRC 3rd floor.

Resident student parking permits are valid through August 1 each year. Unregistered vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles left on campus during summer break will be impounded and stored at the owner's expense. The bicycles will then be disposed of at the beginning of each new school year.

A permit must be firmly and entirely affixed to the vehicle with its own adhesive. Obtaining but not affixing a permit to the vehicle is a violation of "No Permit". Old or expired permits must be removed before affixing a new permit to the vehicle.

The permit must be removed when there is a change of ownership, termination of employment, permit expiration or revocation of privilege and/or suspension from school. An expired permit affixed to a vehicle will be used to identify the owner. All charges made against the expired permit number will be the responsibility of the person to whom the permit was issued.

The permit holder is responsible for all violations and charges made against the holder's permit number regardless of the driver at the time of the violation.  The permit holder is responsible for informing other drivers of ORU traffic and parking regulations, including where to park the vehicle.

Any unusual circumstances, such as driving a substitute vehicle (i.e., borrowed, rented, etc.), must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety. Failure to do so may result in a citation.

Regulations regarding parking

Vehicles driven primarily by a student who is a dependent of an ORU employee should be registered with a student permit. Such a student driving a vehicle bearing a faculty/staff permit must park that vehicle in the assigned student parking area and not in a faculty/staff parking area.

Any student will be considered a student (with regard to parking privileges) regardless of employment status. (Exception: a full-time employee using employee tuition benefits as a part-time student with six credit hours or fewer.)

Parking of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles is not permitted on the grass, on sidewalks, in roadways, in "No Parking" zones, or on the grounds around buildings or building entrances. All vehicles must be parked in assigned or designated parking areas.

Vehicles must be parked within the parallel spaces. Improper positioning of a vehicle does not make improper parking in adjacent spaces acceptable.

All disabled spaces with an insignia or painted symbol are to be observed. Only vehicles bearing a state-issued disabled permit or license tag are allowed to park in the disabled spaces bearing the insignia or painted symbol.

Any stationary vehicle, manned or unmanned, engine running or not, is considered "parked."

Student parking is not permitted in Lot G unless otherwise specified. (See commuter/graduate students parking location #4.) Check with the Department of Public Safety for special parking permission. ( i.e., loading, lunch hour or during school breaks).

Inability to locate a vacant parking space in the assigned lot does not justify illegal or incorrect parking. If the lot is full, additional parking is available in the Mabee Center Lots A-E.

The fact that a person parks in violation of any regulation without receiving a citation does not mean that the regulation in no longer in effect.

Parking privileges or use of a vehicle on campus may be suspended after the sixth traffic violation.

Change in parking regulations will appear in The Oracle.

Unregistered vehicles left on the premises for more that 48 hours, without notifying the Department of Public Safety, will be impounded and stored at the owner's expense.

Regulations regarding driving on campus

Skate boards, roller blades, roller skates or any type of foot or motorized scooters are not permitted on campus property.

Drivers must observe all signs, temporary or permanent, and abide by the instructions given by the Department of Public Safety and authorized traffic directors.

The posted speed limit for roadways and parking areas on campus is 20 miles per hour.

Cutting through a parking area (i.e., cutting across Mabee Center parking lots) without following designated driving lanes is considered a moving violation.

Use of service drives (i.e., to the Aerobics Center, Timko-Barton, Christ's Chapel, Maintenance) by student must be pre-arranged with written permission through the Department of Public Safety for special-events loading and unloading purposes only.

Bicycle riders must yield right-of-way to pedestrians at all times. Reckless use of bicycles is not permitted.

Drivers of motorcycles must abide by all vehicle regulations.

All traffic regulations will be enforced at all times.

Information should be obtained from the Department of Public Safety supervisors any time a traffic regulation is not understood or a correct action is not known.

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