Severe Weather

ORU security personnel will monitor the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio for severe weather information.

Prevention and Preparedness

 Each building has an Evacuation Plan and designated storm shelter.

  • Armand Hammer Alumni-Student Center – Prayer Tower Auditorium
  • Case Soccer Complex – Aerobics Center racquetball courts
  • Christ’s Chapel – hallway by music ministries and rest rooms
  • CityPlex – please check with the building manager for evacuation plans
  • Claudius Priscilla Roberts Residence Hall –Zoppelt Auditorium in Hamill Center
  • Ellis Melvin Roberts Residence Hall - basement
  • Fishbowl -  basement level and tunnel
  • Frances Cardone Residence Hall – interior stairway
  • Gabrielle Salem Residence Hall – first floor interior hallway
  • Hamill Center – interior basement
  • Howard Auditorium – Timko Barton and Hamill Center
  • L. Johnson Stadium – locker rooms and to LRC tunnel
  • L. Johnson Stadium Offices – inner stairwell
  • Kenneth Cooper Aerobics Center (AC) – racquetball courts and the HLSS department hallway
  • Learning Resources & Graduate Center  (LRC/GC)– lowest floors (1st & 2nd floors)
  • Mabee Center – arena & practice gym
  • Michael Cardone Residence Hall – interior stairway
  • Power Plant/BRC – inner hallways
  • Prayer Tower – auditorium
  • Stovall Administrative Center - 1st floor stairwells and restrooms
  • Susie Vinson Residence Hall - basement level and tunnel
  • Timko-Barton Hall – Conference Rooms 34 & 33N
  • Wesley Luehring Residence Hall - basement level and tunnel

The designated Resident Hall Director monitors in each Resident Hall and has been instructed to listen to public media when weather conditions may become severe and to provide warning to building occupants to seek shelter when severe weather (e.g. tornadoes) become imminent.

The city of Tulsa has installed an audio warning system at approximately every square mile intersection to warn of tornadoes and floods.

Severe Weather Watch

Watch for conditions which might indicate a response is necessary, listen to media reports where possible.

Severe Weather Warning

If a tornado warning is given by the media or steady blaring of the city sirens - move immediately to sheltered area, ground floor or basement away from windows, preferably a hallway or inside room such as a restroom, until the warning is lifted.

If a flood warning is given by the media or an intermittent blaring of city sirens and the flooding is in and around the ORU area, remain in a sheltered area until the media indicates that the flood waters have receded before attempting to drive through the indicated flooded areas.

If time permits, turn off electrical equipment and disconnect form power source, secure critical research operations.

Move away from windows for any type of severe weather that might cause breakage.

During lightning storms remain in the building avoid using telephones and electrical equipment. Disconnect equipment from power source where possible.

Damage or flooding in the building should be reported to the Power Plant at 918.495.6789.

If the storm has produced major damage, if injuries have occurred or there is an increased possibility of fire:

  • Call Security at 918.495.7750 and leave the building by the nearest exit to the nearest secure building.
  • Do not return to the building until off-site emergency responders in authority such as the Fire Marshal or ORU authorities indicate it is safe to do so.

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