Steps for Requesting Accommodations

 1.  Request services by contacting the Disability Services office at (918)495-6689 or email disabilityservices@oru.edu.

2.  Complete an application for services and provide documentation from your professional medical or mental health provider (We will provide documentation guidelines for you along with your application).

3.  Once your application and documentation are complete, you will be contacted to schedule an intake meeting.

4.  Student Support Services staff will review the request and refer students to appropriate resources if a disability-related accommodation is deemed unreasonable.

5.  For approved accommodations, you will receive an email with your official accommodation letter, which will also be emailed to appropriate ORU faculty and/or staff.

Once accommodations are established, they are applied proactively rather than retroactively. They begin only after documentation is received and processed, so planning ahead is very important.

Accommodations are to be renewed each semester, simply by completing the one-page Student Renewal Form. For your convenience, the Student Renewal Form is attached here.



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