It is a fundamental requirement of Oral Roberts University (ORU) and the Health, Leisure, Sport Sciences (HLSS) department that all students develop a healthy lifestyle through appropriate physical activity and good health habits. This requirement is accomplished through Health and Physical Education (HPE) courses that are to be taken every full-time semester of enrollment.

Each student should expect some or all of the following activities to be required of them during an HPE course:

  • Participating in weekly physical activities.
  • Maintain a weekly log of aerobic points earned by participating in daily physical activity.
  • Participating in a bi-yearly timed field test that consists of completing either a 2 miles walking or jogging, 5 miles cycling, 800 meters swim, or an arm ergo meter.
  • Completing a swimming proficiency requirement.

According to the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, ORU is able and willing to make accommodations to HPE courses to fit the varying needs of individuals based upon appropriate documentation regarding the functional impact(s) of a limitation or disability. Any variation from the ORU HLSS policy may require proper documentation of the student’s limitations.

To request disability related accommodations for any HPE course, please call Student Support Services, (918)495-6689 or email disabilityservices@oru.edu

Once accommodations are established, they are applied proactively rather than retroactively. They begin only after documentation is received and processed, so planning ahead is very important.


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