The Graduate Theology Student Assembly (GTSA) is organized specifically for ORU graduate students in the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM) and functions as the student association for the GSTM community. The primary purpose of the GTSA is to foster a healthy spiritual and social seminarian environment.

The GTSA is comprised of nearly 20 graduate student representatives of all GSTM degree plans. Four student representatives serve as Executive Officers, to include the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  GTSA Executive Officers are responsible for the daily administration of the GTSA activities. Executive officers also serve as chairs for GTSA standing committees.

Representatives not serving as an executive officer serve as a member of one of three committees: Spiritual Committee, Social Committee, and Student Advisory Committee. Each committee possesses internal goals that are individually focused on achieving the overall purpose of the GTSA. The goal of the Spiritual Committee is to provide avenues that promote spiritual growth within the GSTM community. The goal of the Social Committee is to provide avenues that promote unity within the GSTM community.  The goal of the Advisory Committee is to foster healthy communication between students, faculty, and administrative staff. 

There are two primary ways to be involved in GTSA: volunteer to participate in committees or volunteer to help with various events.  Specific opportunities for involvement will be highlighted monthly in the Seminarian Flame. We encourage you to talk with one of the officers in the GTSA and find how you can be involved.

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