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Submit an application for admission. When you apply online, the $35 application fee is waived. If you have any questions, connect with a Graduate Enrollment Counselor at gradadmissions@oru.edu or 918.495.6518.


STEP 2 – Honor Code

All ORU students accept the Code of Honor as their lifestyle while at ORU. Be sure to read and sign the Code of Honor, thus acknowledging your acceptance of the ORU lifestyle. This step is included in the online application.

STEP 3 – Application Fee

Pay the $35 application fee. This fee is waived if you apply online.

STEP 4 – Official Transcripts

Official transcripts must be received directly from all colleges and universities attended in their original sealed envelopes unless you are an international student applying for a Doctoral program (see the bottom of this page). This also includes all technology and unaccredited schools. Bible college and vocational/technology schools are generally not considered regionally accredited institutions.

  • Request that documents be emailed to gradadmissions@oru.edu.
  • Request that documents be faxed to 918.495.6222.
  • Request that documents be mailed to ORU Graduate Admissions, 7777 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa, OK 74171.

Note for Doctoral Level Applicants: Applicants must have a Master of Divinity Degree or its educational equivalent from a regionally accredited institution or a school accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada. Applicants with a master’s degree in a theological field but without a Master of Divinity degree will need to take leveling courses in preparation for entering the Doctor of Ministry program. Master’s work GPA must be a 3.0 or higher, and all applicants must have a minimum of three years of full-time, post-master’s ministry experience.

STEP 5 – Recommendations

For all recommendations, simply send the link oru.edu/admissions/graduate-recommendation-form.php to your reference(s), so they can quickly and easily complete the recommendation form online. Your references must not be related to you.

Master’s Level (3 Total)

  • Two Academic/Professional Recommendations from current or former professors are required. Professional recommendations may be submitted if you have not been in college within the last five years. 
  • One Minister's Recommendation must be returned/submitted by your minister or another church/ministry leader who is not a relative. 

Doctoral Level (4 Total)

  • One Academic Recommendation from a current or former professor is required. A professional recommendation may be submitted if you have not been in college within the last five years.
  • One Professional Recommendation.
  • One Ecclesiastical/Minister's Recommendation must be returned/submitted by your minister or another church/ministry leader who is not a relative.
  • One Layperson Recommendation must be returned/submitted by an individual under your ministry care or supervision.
STEP 6 –  Essay Requirements

A personal sketch is required for all Master's level applicants, and an autobiographical sketch is required for all Doctoral level applicants.

Please answer the questions fully. Type answers in double-space format and save all contents to one pdf. file. Attach this document to your application by logging into your application at apply.oru.edu. Click the "View Additional Items" link next to your application type, then upload your file. If you are having issues uploading the file, please email it to gradadmissions@oru.edu.  All submissions are held in confidence. 

Master’s Level -  Submit a Personal Sketch

In a total of 1-2 pages, address the following questions in your personal sketch:

  • Why do you desire to attend ORU, and how does it relate to your life goals?
  • Describe your own religious experience, past and present.
  • Discuss major events that have occurred in your life.
  • If you are an international student, please explain why you desire to study in the United States.
  • Why have you chosen your field of vocation/ministry, and how do you see the degree program for which you are making application equipping you for that field?
  • Counseling is all about developing effective relationships with others. In your Personal Statement, please include reflection on your general ability to form healthy relationships, and please also specifically address this with others from backgrounds (cultural, religious, etc.) different from yours. (Counseling Applicants Only)

Doctoral Level - Submit an Autobiographical Sketch

The requirement for the autobiographical sketch is as follows:

  • Autobiographical Statement: Present an account of your understanding of your call into full-time ministry. State your self-understanding of your ministry in the light of biblical, theological, and historical insights. Also indicate your areas of strengths and weaknesses as you have carried out your ministry. This comprehensive statement must be at least 500 words.
  • Ministerial Experience: Submit a comprehensive account and description of your ministerial context and experience. Include the names of all churches/pastorates served, responsibilities, dates, and positions held and membership of each pastorate. If your ministry is not a local pastorate, provide a thorough description of it. It is understood that there may be considerable variety in the experiences of applicants who are in full-time ministry.
  • Plans for Continuing in Full-Time Ministry: The Doctor of Ministry degree is an "in ministry" degree. All applicants are required to continue in a recognized form of full-time ministry for the duration of the program. Please state your plans for continuing in ministry.
  • Statement of Reason for Applying to ORU: Indicate your reason for desiring a Doctor of Ministry degree. Why did you choose ORU?
    Finances: Discuss how you plan to finance your Doctor of Ministry program if accepted. How will your church or present ministry assist with your expenses?
STEP 7 – Official Test Scores

The Graduate School of Theology and Ministry requires either the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Miller's Analogies Test (MAT) entrance exam. However, this requirement is waived for those who hold a bachelor's degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution. For more information, visit the Graduate Theology and Ministry Entrance Requirements Page.

STEP 8 – Interview (counseling applicants only)

An interview with a counseling faculty member either in person or via technology, e.g. Skype, FaceTime, or ZOOM. This interview will give the prospective student has an opportunity to ask questions about ORU’s counseling program and the faculty member has an opportunity to ask about the student’s goals and readiness for graduate studies. To schedule an interview, connect with a Graduate Enrollment Counselor at gradadmissions@oru.edu or 918.495.6518.

  • TOEFL or IELTS Test Score: All international students whose native language of instruction is not English must submit official TOEFL scores from within the past two years. A minimum score of 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 79-80 internet-based is required for admission. For further information on the TOEFL, please call 609.771.7100 or go to http://www.ets.org.
  • World Educational Services (WES): All international Doctoral applicants must use this service for quick and accurate translation and evaluation of transcripts. All transcripts must be submitted directly from your undergraduate institution to WES for evaluation. More information is available at www.wes.org.
  • (After Admissions to ORU) International Student Financial Guarantee Form: All international students are required to document verification of their financial support. Support must be verified prior to the University issuing a Form I-20. The Form I-20 is needed in order for an applicant to be issued a student visa. The guarantor must agree to meet the actual expenses incurred for each year the applicant is enrolled at ORU.
  • (After Admissions to ORU) Sevis Transfer Request: This form is only for international students in F-1 Status transferring to ORU from another U.S. school. 

If you have any questions, connect with a Graduate Enrollment Counselor at gradadmissions@oru.edu or 918.495.6518.

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