Speaking the (Linux) language

The ORCA supercomputer, Titan, runs CentOS and requires Linux commands to interact with the system (example: listing files and folders, editing files, submitting jobs, monitoring pending & running jobs, etc.). We strongly recommend users become familiar with Linux commands in order to effectively work with the supercomputer.

Logging into the supercomputer

SSH is the preferred method of logging into ORCA computers. Click here for detailed instructions on how to log into ORCA systems.

Transferring files to the supercomputer

SCP and SFTP are the two methods by which you can transfer files between your computer and the supercomputer. Click here for detailed instructions.

Get familiar with our batch scheduler

Learn how to properly submit jobs on SLURM by referring to the following resources:

  • Running Jobs on Titan
  • SLURM User Tutorial
    • Quick Start User Guide
    • Command/option Summary (two pages)
    • Man Pages
    • Rosetta Stone of Workload Managers
    • Job Array Support
    • Slurm Checkpoint/Restart with BLCR
    • Job Exit Codes

Still have questions?

Contact us at supportorca@oru.edu.

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