An ALEKS-PPL score is a prerequisite for every entry-level mathematics course at ORU. All students will be required to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment before being allowed to enroll in any entry-level mathematics course at ORU.  This includes:

  •  entering transfer students who do not have transfer credits that satisfy math courses prerequisites.
  • all international students.
  • students working off old degree plans where MAT 105 - College Algebra is the required Mathematics General Ed course.
  •  any student who doesn't have a college Math credit on their transcipt.
  •  students who have taken Math Concepts I and II are still required to take ALEKS.


The only exemptions from taking ALEKS are:

  •  students who received AP college credit toward either Calculus or Statistics, and the AP credit appears on their ORU transcript.
  • students who have college credit on their ORU transcript for any of the following classes will be evaluated for the need to take ALEKS PPL on a case-by-case basis:   MAT 105, MAT 106, MAT 232, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 325.


A student who does not otherwise meet course prerequisites and does NOT take the ALEKS Placement Test will only be eligible to enroll in MAT 099 - Introduction to College Mathematics.

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