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Developing Whole Leaders for the whole World

Honoring those who are strong in Spirit, Mind and Body

The Whole Person concept - developing spirit, mind and body to become the person God wants you to be - is central to the mission of ORU. To encourage students in this pursuit, ORU offers the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship established through the gifts of generous donors with a heart for education and a belief in the work of the university.

In addition to developing intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically, students who receive this scholarship must demonstrate:

  • A Christian worldview
  • A lifestyle of service
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership ability
  • Vision to make a life-changing impact on others
  • A healthy lifestyle

The Quest Whole Leader Scholarship program* seeks to recognize student achievement in the areas of academics, services, and leadership. Eligible students** are automatically considered for this scholarship upon admission, but are also granted the opportunity to increase that award up to full tuition by way of the Quest Profile. The Quest Profile is your opportunity to tell us more about what makes you uniquely you. You will receive an invitation to complete your Quest Profile online via email upon admission (Beginning October 9).

For full competition guidelines and to nominate a student, visit wholeperson.oru.edu.

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