If you are a well-rounded student dreaming of furthering your education with a graduate degree from ORU, complete the 5 steps below to be considered for our Quest Whole Leader Scholarship and Fellows Program. 

We're looking for servant leaders who are spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined, socially adept and professionally competent.

5 Steps to Qualify


Awarding and Renewal

  • Graduate scholarship and fellowship awards for the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship Program are determined by the Scholarship Review Committee, the ORU provost and the deans of ORU's graduate schools. 
  • Awards cannot be combined with other graduate scholarships from ORU.
  • Awards are not transferable and must be used the year they are awarded.
  • Awards are good for up to three years of full-time enrollment.
  • Awards are reviewed annually. Renewal of an award is contingent upon having satisfactorily fulfilled all requirements of the award, as well as remaining in good standing with the University as determined by the University Discipline Committee.
  • The University reserves the right to reduce or revoke a Quest Whole Leader Scholarship or Fellowship should a recipient violate the Honor Code or residential life policies as outlined in the ORU Student Handbook.


  • Eligibility is limited to new students accepted to a residential graduate program at ORU and current ORU residential graduate students who have completed twelve or fewer hours of graduate study in their program of interest at ORU.


As a part of your application for the Quest Whole Leader Scholarship Program, please send your resumé or curriculum vitae as a PDF to gradadmissions@oru.edu.

Organize your resumé or curriculum vitae into the following categories:

  • Spiritual Integrity: Students will learn to hear God’s voice by deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ and increasing their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit—for themselves and others. Students will pursue wholeness and integrity in their relationships with others and with God. Students will expand their biblical knowledge, approach life from a Spirit-empowered worldview, and learn to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Personal Resilience: Students will learn the skills needed for motivation and perseverance in addressing the complexities of life. Students will develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to adapt appropriately to changing environments. Students will honor God by embracing wellness through self-management and self-care, including physical exercise, good sleep patterns, and proper nutritional habits. 
  • Intellectual Pursuit: Students will learn to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills in preparation for professional careers. Students will demonstrate knowledge and an increased capacity for knowledge attainment and participate in identifying, analyzing, and creating solutions for the world’s most significant problems. 
  • Global Engagement: Students will learn to model respect, responsibility, flexibility, adaptability, and sacrifice as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of a globalized world. Students will learn to use multiple strategies to develop culturally responsive relationships that support and encourage constructive change. 
  • Bold Vision: Students will learn to recognize, develop, and communicate bold responses to today’s complex issues. Students will contemplate God’s purpose for their lives and God’s vision for their futures while also seeking to understand the world’s challenges and how these dynamics intersect. Students will learn practical, scalable objectives that assist in moving from vision to reality and be challenged to bring hope and transformation to the world.
Connect With Our Team

If you have questions about applying for this opportunity or about the status of your application, connect with us at 918.495.6518 or gradadmissions@oru.edu.

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