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Scholarships and grants are types of aid that do not have to be repaid. They could come from a variety of sources such as the federal or state government, institutional programs through ORU or outside organizations. Scholarships are usually merit-based, but may depend on financial need as well, depending on the specific guidelines with which the scholarship fund is managed.

Guidelines for International Financial Aid
  • International students are not eligible to receive any U.S. federal aid. However, international students who have permanent resident status (green card) or international students who are in the United States as political refugees are generally eligible for U.S. federal aid. 
  • Students may only receive funds from the international student budget for four years. Students with a double major may petition to receive funds for a fifth year.
  • Students from English-speaking nations should submit an SAT or ACT score (rather than the TOEFL) to qualify for academic scholarships. A TOEFL score will suffice if the SAT or ACT test is not offered in their nations.

Departmental Grants

Department grants, such as athletics, fine arts and communication arts, are available from various ORU departments. The scholarships are based on special talent and/or service rendered and are determined by the department. The amount ranges up to full tuition, based on merit and/or need. The application deadline varies; contact the department of your major/service for more information.

Athletic Awards

The amount ranges up to full tuition, based on merit and/or need. The application deadline varies; contact the Athletic Department for more information.  

Academic Scholarship

These awards are based on academic records and are awarded by the Admissions Department upon acceptance to ORU. These scholarships range in amount from $3,000 to full tuition per academic year.

Alumni Tuition Grant

These awards are for dependent students whose parents received an undergraduate or graduate degree from ORU. Alumni Grants are based on academic records and availability of funds. The amount of the grant is $1000 for one alumni parent and $1500 for two alumni parents. Access http://vision.oru.edu to submit an application.

Alternative sites for International Aid

The following links are to websites that have been gathered to offer international students additional financial aid resources on scholarships and alternative loans:


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