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During the fall and spring semesters students can work on-campus through the Student Work-Study Program. 

Participating students

  • Must be enrolled full-time, have completed registration
  • Accepted a work study award from Financial Aid.

It is important to review the Student Employment Handbook prior to working on campus.

All students are also eligible to work for ORU's Dining Services  by going to sodexo.balancetrak.com and searching under zip code 74171. This will display positions on ORU's campus.


Register for an ORU Handshake account or log in to an existing account at oru.joinhandshake.com

STEP 2: Look for a Work-Study Job In HANDSHAKE

Fall work-study jobs will start getting posted on ORU's Handshake site in mid-July.

  • Once logged into oru.joinhandshake.com, click on the Jobs tab
  • Select filter then work study. That will bring up all work study jobs.

STEP 3: Apply

Fill out a Student Employment Application, located under Registration Quick links in Vision.

If you are applying for Sodexo you will apply by going to sodexo.balancetrak.com and searching under zip code 74171 for their positions.

A position must be posted on Handshake before you submit your application.  

Work-Study applications will only be considered if it is a valid position posted on Handshake.

To proceed in the application you must know:
1. The Department
2. Job Title
3. Hiring Manager

This information is found on Handshake under each position.

STEP 4: Identification

Once hired, students must present proper identification to complete the Federal I-9 form in Step 4. Per federal law, only original identification can be accepted (no copies or faxes). Examples of accepted forms of ID are listed on page 9.

International Students

In addition to the steps above, you will also need the following items to work on campus:

  • Passport
  • I-20
  • I-94 Admission Number
  • Social Security Card.

Getting a Social Security Card

  • Visit Lisa Edwards (GC-3 ½).
  • Lisa will give you a letter. Take your letter to the Social Security Office (4750 S Garnett Rd.).
  • Bring your Social Security application receipt to Student Employment.
  • Once you receive your Social Security Card, bring it to Student Employment immediately.

Summer Campus Employment

During the summer, students can work on campus through Student Employment. This is an option for returning students as well as students who have been admitted for the upcoming fall semester. 


Summer on-campus jobs do not require a work study award to apply. If you meet the following conditions you will be eligible to work on campus:

  • You were enrolled full-time in classes during the spring semester and
  • Either will be enrolled during the summer or during the upcoming fall semester or
  • Graduated in May as a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.


The Summer 360 program allows current students to work on-campus during the summer, earn money, and receive a summer housing waiver (free housing!). Summer jobs start getting posted on Handshake in early April.

The student employee must work a total of 360 hours between graduation and the end of July. This averages to about 30 hours of work per week. The student may work up to two jobs to accumulate needed hours. It is the student's responsibility to reach a total of 360 hours of work in the allotted time frame. . Housing charges will be recorded on a student's account until the 360 hours are reached, at which point a scholarship will be applied for free housing.

All Summer 360 students must complete a summer 360 contract with Student Employment.

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