Ways to be involved

Resident Advisor Program

Resident Advisors help maintain a living environment that encourages and assists students in acquiring personal lifestyles and philosophies that are indicative of a strong personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We conduct hall meetings, oversee floor leadership, promote floor activities and assist with health care and emergency needs. Offering leadership development, service opportunities, mentoring, life-long friendship and a scholarship, the Resident Advisor Program is here to help you grow as you help others.

Contact the Office of Student Development at 918.495.7707.

Chaplain Program

The Chaplain program promotes the growth and development of principles upon which the university was founded, including that of raising up whole men and women of God. The program focuses on training its student leaders to minister to students in residential halls, hold weekly Bible studies, provide opportunities for campus ministry and help assist in chapel and campus worship services. Scholarships are awarded to those who participate in this program. The application process begins in the fall for the following year.

Contact the Chaplain Program at 918.495.7767.

Peer Success Coaches

Peer Success Coaches assist first-year students acclimate to ORU and help connect them quickly with the opportunities and resources they need to achieve their academic goals at ORU. Functioning as an extension of the Office of Student Success, Peer Success Coaches connect with students both inside and outside of the classroom. They attend the class Introduction to Whole Person Education alongside first-year students and remain available to them throughout the school year. Their leadership training and opportunities also include facilitating relationship connections, conducting study groups and mentoring first year students. Scholarships are awarded for those selected to participate in the program.

Contact the Student Resources Office at 918.495.7018 or 918.495.6913.

Student Missions Program

ORU Missions seeks to empower students both now and for a lifetime to fulfill the vision and mandate first conferred upon and implemented by Chancellor and Founder Oral Roberts. We endeavor to prepare and send students to places where the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is scarce, and to people whose experiential knowledge of His goodness is detrimentally limited or non-existent. We desire to empower students to be witnesses. ORU is a "Acts 2″ experience for our students, for it is here that students are empowered for a lifetime of witness in every sphere of life. ORU Missions creates opportunities for students to be witnesses to the ends of the earth - and sharing Jesus with lost people is an integral part of an ORU missions experience.

Visit their website at http://missions.oru.edu or call 918.495.7731. 

Community Outreach Program

We are excited by the recent merger between Community Outreach and ORU Missions - a merger which will bring synergy and effectiveness to both programs. The two programs have always had the same mission - the only difference being that one program has focused on domestic missions while the other has concentrated more on foreign missions. Therefore, the two coming together is a natural fit. It should be noted that, although the two programs now fall under the umbrella of one department (ORU Outreaches Ministries), the two programs will still retain their respective names and traditional identities.

Visit their website at http://missions.oru.edu or call 918.495.7731.

International Worship Center

ORU International Worship Center facilitates excellent, anointed, student-led praise and worship for the ORU campus, Tulsa community and the world. This group leads worship for several campus events and televised chapel services. In addition, the Souls A' Fire gospel choir and Worship Tour teams minister in the community and around the world through summer missions. Talented and committed students receive training in worship music, character development, spirituality and leadership skills. These students work together with administration to build and maintain a ministry of ORU which fulfills God's mandate to Chancellor Roberts through music.

Contact the International Worship Center at 918.495.6659.


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