Student Association Job Descriptions

Thank you for considering Student Association as your work study position for the 2017-2018 school year!! Here at Student Association, we are more than just students working for the paycheck. We exist to create community and to enhance the student body experience. Being apart of Student Association is being a part of ORU's history! Student Association focuses on student development in professionalism, leadership, creativity, and innovation! Student Association is looking for those who dare to do the impossible, who challenge the unthinkable, who treats the status quo like the plague, and all while making Jesus the center of their world! If that sounds like you please read the jobs we have to offer (located below) and apply! If it doesn't sound like you, apply anyway, we believe everyone is redeemable and reachable!! **Click the job role to apply!! 


An SA photographer's job is to capture the moments!! You will be required to attend SA events to take pictures of candid moments as well as staged. Being a SA photographer means that you will need to have some knowledge with Adobe Creative Cloud and all it's elements.


Event coordinating for SA is a big job. All the events you have seen this past year was made possible by the event coordinators that came before you. Being an event coordinator means you would be responsible for creating, maintaining, and managing SA events big and small. You would also be responsible for listening to the student body to and hear what they want. A big part of what you do is turning thoughts into realities for the ORU student body. 


The Club and Organizations coordinator manages and oversees all clubs and organizations on campus. With over 50 clubs on ORU's campus, this job requires organizational skills, prompt response time, and an ability to work with people. Being the Clubs and Orgs Coordinator means you make sure clubs have rooms reserved, food ordered, and shuttles requested. This job does a lot for the community on campus. 


The Commuter Coordinator expands the community to commuters and keeps them involved at ORU. This is why being the Commuter Coordinator it is your job to make sure Commuters are being heard and listened to. This person oversees Commuter Community Meetings, focus groups, making sure emails get sent out, and keeping an eye on the Commuter Lounge. 


One of SA's main priorities is giving students a peace of mind when it comes to traveling. The SA Shuttles Coordinator oversees all shuttles for all breaks, i.e. Christmas, Spring break, Thanksgiving, and clubs. The SA Shuttles Coordinator also must be able to drive an ORU shuttle van. This means that this person must be 21 years or older with a valid USA driver's license, no accident or moving violations in the last three years, and ORU van certified. If you are not ORU van certified but meet all the other requirements you can still apply! 

SA OFFICE Administrator

This a new and exciting position being brought to Student Association. The SA office administrator is the life of the office. This role mainly serves as an assistant to the Director of Student Experience. However, they will also oversee the SA staff's birthday celebrations, office supplies, office cleanliness, office culture, and anything else the office needs.


Every SA poster you see around campus was made by a talented graphic designer who stayed up till 3:00 a.m. five nights straight to make sure it was perfect! If you don't have that kind of commitment to graphic design that's okay! SA graphic designers design everything from posters, to shirts, to promotional items! This person must be knowledgeable with Adobe Creative Cloud including Adobe Illustrator. 


The SA videographer is the person who captures and shows off all the experiences SA puts on. Basically, the cousin to the SA photographer.  You will be required to attend SA events to take video of events and promotions. 


Social Media is a big part of what Student Association does. We want to go where students are and have conversations! As the Social Media Coordinator you would be managing SA's Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook! Someone with organizational skills and with some Social Media marketing experience would be great for this job! 

Intramurals GAME CREW ChIef

Fields don't get painted on their own and someone has to make sure all the equipment is in place and ready to go! The Intramurals Game Crew Chief would oversee all officials, equipment, and games to make sure everyone is safe and having fun! 

Intramurals MEDIA MANAGER 

The Intramurals Media Manager oversees all scheduling, All-School points, and social media for ORU Intramurals. Someone with organizational skills and with some Social Media marketing experience would be great for this job!



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