All communication between the counselor and client is held in the strictest confidence. No information will be revealed to anyone without the client’s written authorization. In compliance with state law and professional ethical standards, all information shared in professional counseling sessions is considered privileged with the following exceptions:

  • The counselor believes the client believes is a danger to himself/herself.
  • The counselor believes the client is a danger to another person.
  • The counselor is informed of or suspects the abuse of a minor.
  • The counselor is informed of or suspects the abuse of an elderly person or other dependent adult.
  • In other legally defined situations, usually requiring a court order, confidentiality may be waived.
Supervised Therapists, Interns, and Practicum Students

Therapists under LPC/LMFT supervision, masters level interns and masters level practicum students are required to review cases with their supervisor on a weekly basis. All communication regarding clients will be held in the strictest professional confidence and compliance with ethical standards for the counseling profession.

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