THErE is still time to join the next semester online!

High school freshman through seniors are eligible to earn college credits by dual enrolling at ORU. Don't miss out on these distinct advantages: 

  • No ACT/SAT requirements.
  • Classes taught by ORU faculty.
  • 15-week courses that includes a midterm and final exam. 
  • Take up to 10 credit hours per semester.
  • Access all textbooks online.
  • Schools can offer Advantage courses on their campus.
What's the cost?
  • $75–Per one credit hour course
  • $150–Per two credit hour course
  • $225–Per three credit hour course
  • $300–Per four credit hour course

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Cut the Cost of College

The roadmap to success starts here. Students can use one of these two tracks to COMPLETE AN ENTIRE YEAR of college credits before they graduate high school. Then, we’ll pay back the total amount spent towards your Advantage tuition, dollar-for-dollar in the form of a scholarship, when you enroll as a full-time, residential undergraduate student!*

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