Course Descriptions

Course Number Title Description Credits
Biblical Studies
DBIB-110 Old Testament Survey A historical survey of the Old Testament.  Special attention will be given to the cultural background, to the theological and contextual perspectives, as well as to the practical application of Major Old Testament themes. 3
DBIB-120 New Testament Survey An examination of the New Testament and of the historical, social, economic, and religious background out of which Christianity arose. 3
DBIB-362 Life of Christ A study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels and early Christian literature. 3
DBIB-363 End Time Events (Biblical Eschatology) This course is a study of Old and New Testament teachings on eschatology, including those aspects of the Kingdom of God which are already present and those yet to be fulfilled. Specific attention will be given to concepts such as Messiah, resurrection, tribulation, millennium, judgment, signs of the time, and the Kingdom of God. 3
DBIB-364 Life of Paul A study of the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul as recorded in the Book of Acts and the Pauline epistles. Special attention is given to the beginnings and growth of the church. 3
DBIB-374 Romans: Your Path to Victory

A basic study surveying the great truths found in Paul’s letter to the Romans. Key passages are dealt with in great detail. Particular attention is given to the major doctrinal and exhortative sections of the book with an application to Christian faith and practice.

DBIB-376 Hebrews and General Epistles

A study of the New Testament books of Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, and Jude. Particular attention is given to the major teachings of these books as they fit into their original historical contexts and as they speak to us today.

DBIB-400 Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics) A study of the problems and methods of biblical interpretation, including the factors of presuppositions, grammar, literary and historical context, and the appropriate handling of the various kinds of literature found in the Bible. 3
DBIB-401 Israel Study Tour    
DBIB-421 Pentateuch A study of the first five books of the Old Testament, commonly known as the Pentateuch. Emphasis is placed on the historical, cultural, and geographical milieu of these books 3
DBIB-424 Hebrew Prophets    
DBIB-437 Poetical Literature

A study of the poetical books of the Old Testament, including Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Lamentations, with emphasis on Hebrew poetry and its relation to other ancient literatures.

DBIB-455 Luke/Acts

A study of the Gospel of Luke and its accompanying text, the Book of Acts. Emphasis is placed on the historical and cultural milieu of these books, with special focus on how the Holy Spirit speaks to the church today.

Theological and Historical Studies


Holy Spirit in the Now

Chancellor Oral Roberts analyzes Biblical concepts and principles that reveal the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Parallels of the dynamic ministry of the Spirit in today’s world are clearly drawn.

DTHE-230 Christian Faith and Ministry

A cursory exploration of the biblical truths and teachings of the Christian church. Emphasis is placed on the charismatic interpretation of these truths, especially as expounded by Chancellor Oral Roberts.

DTHE-303 Major World Religions A survey of the major religions that are practiced in the world today. Emphasizes the major thought, ethics, religious practices, and history of each religion, with a view toward a Christian response to each religion. 3
DTHE-304 Contemporary Religions/Cults An explanation of the history, theology, and evangelistic thrusts of alternative religious (cultic groups) in America. Each group is evaluated biblically. 3
DTHE-313 Biblical Doctrines I

This course is a study in basic Bible doctrines. We explore the ground, method, and nature of doctrine in Biblical perspective. We will learn the basic, historical, Christian beliefs concerning the doctrine of Revelation, God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The student will be introduced to the history of doctrine formulation, various church traditions, contemporary issues, and “heresies.” Finally, the student will be challenged to formulate his or her own doctrinal positions through consideration of the various evangelical Christian perspectives.

DTHE-314 Biblical Doctrines II

This course is a study in basic Bible doctrines. We explore the ground, method, and nature of doctrine in Biblical perspective. We will learn the basic historical Christian beliefs concerning the doctrines of humanity, salvation, the church, and the end times. The student will be introduced to the history of doctrine formulation, various church traditions, contemporary issues, and “heresies.” Finally, the student will be challenged to formulate his or her own doctrinal positions through consideration of the various evangelical Christian perspectives.

DTHE-399 Signs and Wonders I

This course examines the place of miracles in the apostolic, historical, and contemporary Church, focusing on the Biblical basis for expecting and experiencing miracles, their theological significance, and their practical consequences. The course seeks to   be one of the avenues of fulfilling Chancellor Oral Roberts' call to "teach your students to hear God's voice."

DTHE-400 Signs and Wonders II (Principles & Patterns of Divine Healing) This course is designed to expose students to various ideas con­cerning divine healing. It includes a study of the principles and patterns of healing demonstrated by Jesus and His disciples. Questions covering such topics as “What are the vehicles that God uses for healing?” and “Why are some people not healed?” are also discussed. Throughout this course, students will be encouraged to seek God for their own personal healing as well as the healings of those close to them. Students are also encouraged to learn how to be used as an instrument of healing to impact the world around them. In this way, the world will truly know that Jesus came to save the “whole” man—body, soul, and spirit. 3
DTHE-410 Theology & Practice of Spiritual Warfare This course is a study of the theology and practice of spiritual warfare, traced through the Old and New Testaments and church history to the current day. Various theological viewpoints and practices of spiritual warfare are presented with recommendations for a balanced, sound approach. 3
DTHE-415 Christian Apologetics

A study of the methods of defending the Christian faith in the midst of a pluralistic modern society.


Contemporary Theology (DTHE-230 or THE 313 & 314 and DTHE 454 Prerequisite)

A study of mid-nineteenth and twentieth century trends in theological thought with special reference to theological options of the present day, including Fundamental, Liberal, Charismatic/Pentecostal, Secular, and New Age theologies.


History of Christianity  I

A study of the development of the Christian church from its birth up to the Reformation, with emphasis upon the major historical movements, leaders, and theological issues of the period. Includes gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit in church history.


History of Christianity II

Survey of expression from the Reformation era with emphasis on the reformers and the impact made politically and economically. Special reference is made to the great missionary expansion and movements of the Holy Spirit.

Practices of Ministry
DPRM-300  History & Philosophy of Christian Education  This course is a study of the historical and philosophical foundations of Christian education in the Judeo-Christian tradition, with primary emphasis on the Christian era.  The course strives to integrate the theory and practice of ministry as reflected by this study with the modern issues of Christian education.  3
DPRM-301 Intro. to Christian Caregiving  A study designed to examine the “caring” aspect of the Christian life from theoretical, theological and practical perspectives. The integration of the theoretical and theological perspectives with practical experiences is implemented and evaluated.  3
DPRM-304 Educational Ministries of Church A study designed to introduce the students to the historical, philosophical, and theological basis of the educational ministries of the church. Includes a study of the basic principles and practices of organization and administration of these ministries, with emphasis on implementing programs to meet the needs of the learner through his or her life span. 3
DPRM-305 Teaching the Bible Fundamental and advanced methods of Bible study relating to teaching situations in the church are studied. Thorough consideration of background information is encouraged for proper understanding of Biblical situations and their application to our present time  3

Faith and Human Development

A study of “whole-person” development and a wide range of practical Christian ministry in the local church context. Includes physical, intellectual, social, psychological, moral, and faith development for all ages.


Principles of Biblical Counseling

An introduction to basic concepts and procedures of biblical counseling. Its purpose is to acquaint the student with a biblically oriented approach to people helping. The knowledge and skills gained may then be integrated into the student’s personal counseling style.

DPRM-320 Ministry Practicum The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad range of roles performed in ministry. Trainees gain competence in essential areas of local church ministry. Three one-credit semesters of this practicum are required for a diploma. One semester is required for a certificate.  1
DPRM-321 Christian Approaches to Counseling

This course examines three aspects of counseling within the Christian context: (1) a theological foundation for Christian counseling, (2) communication and relationship building skills necessary for being an effective helper, and (3) helping theories and their application for the Christian counselor.


Intro. to Christian Missions

A study designed to provide an overview of God’s eternal purpose—the preparation of a people for Himself from all the nations of the earth. By examining the Biblical foundation, the historical development, the cultural considerations, and the strategic demands of God’s work in the world, the student is challenged to the primary role of missions in the church.



Ministry and Leadership Development

A study of Biblical principles and methods of training believers for ministry and leadership in the church. Attention is given to spiritual growth, development and equipping needed for effective ministry and leadership.


Sermon Preparation

This course is designed to instruct the student in the proper interpretation and presentation of biblical material through preaching. ‘Basic communication skills and sound principles of hermeneutics of Scripture are addressed, and attention is given to the biblical perspective of preaching, principles of sermon construction, and sermon delivery.  3
DPRM-402 Discipleship and Small Groups A study of how to develop and direct discipleship and small group programs within the church. Includes small-group principles, dynamics, and problems. Also considers the way Christian disciples are developed and gives practical guidelines for implementing discipleship in the church. 3
DPRM-404 Church Growth and Planting This course is designed to introduce Biblical, cultural, historical, and strategic concepts of both a theoretical and a practical nature which will provide a broad-based orientation to the varied dimensions of starting new churches.  As these basic principles and procedures of church growth and planting are foundational to both world mission and local church situations, these studies are related to evangelism, mission, education, and administrative leadership. 3
DPRM-405 Crisis Intervention A study to acquaint the student with the nature and dynamics of crisis situations. Emphasis is placed upon intervention principles and procedures in the context situational crises. The approach includes the concept of training laymen for basic   crisis intervention. 3
DPRM-418 Marriage and Family This course is a study to explore the dynamics of family relationships, particularly from the viewpoint of family counseling and therapy. The course focuses on knowledge and skills such as the theology of marriage and the family, problems of divorce and remarriage, courtship and mate selection, and the theory and technique of family therapy. 3
DPRM-429 Intro to Codependency Counseling The theological, ethical, moral, medical, and practical considerations important in counseling those who are chemically dependent and those who are codependent. 3
DPRM-430 Evangelism A course dealing with the evangelistic dimensions of the pastoral ministry in preaching, counseling, teaching, witnessing, visitation, discipleship, and training the laity for outreach. 3
DPRM-449 Spiritual Issues in Substance Abuse Most self-help programs refer to a higher power. This course identifies the spiritual issues associated with seeking a higher power from a uniquely Christian perspective. 3
DPRM-454 Youth Ministry This course gives an overview of youth ministry within the local church including foundations for ministry, roles and relationships of the youth minister, and administrative principles and strategies. 3
DPRM-460 Church Administration A study designed to introduce the student to the practical aspects administration within the church setting. This includes organization, planning, staff selection, motivation and training, evaluation, and general leadership principles and problems. Administrative procedures are centered on the Biblical and theological purposes of the church. 3
DPRM-461 Prayer This course is designed to assist the student in evaluating and developing a life of prayer. It will explore various approaches to prayer that have been described in Scripture and by Christian leaders. 3

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