An ORU email account is a primary means of communication both within the University and externally. Email accounts are primarily intended to allow faculty and staff to conduct University business and to be used in conjunction with student’s educational endeavors at ORU. While ORU encourages employees and students to utilize a separate email account for personal non-ORU related communications, limited personal use of ORU email is allowed provided that the use: (a) does not interfere with performance of work responsibilities, (b) does not interfere with the performance of the University networks and (c) is otherwise in compliance with this and other University policies. Users must not use email to communicate data classified as University high-risk information (e.g. social security numbers, credit card numbers, education records, personnel records, and health information) without appropriate security layers such as email encryption when sending to recipients external to UR email services.

ORU provides access to various forms of electronic communications and information technology systems and equipment including computers, internet, voice mail, and email to its students and employees who comply with the University policies.  This access is available only to eligible students and employees and may be revoked at any time. All computers, terminals, hardware, software, blackberries or other hand held pda's, cell phones provided by ORU remain to the employee or student remain the property of ORU. Employees and students have no personal or privacy right in any matter created, received, or sent through the electronic communication and information technology systems, including computers, or by way of electronic mail. Employees and students should have no expectation of privacy regarding files and data residing on their assigned computer discs, computer system, email or other electronic communication systems or equipment. ORU reserves the right to monitor any electronic communications and information technology systems and equipment including computer activity or electronic mail and to inspect the computer files of any computer terminal at any time, with or without notice, at its sole discretion.

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