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Admissions Liaison

About Us

Oral Roberts University is a non-profit organization whose staff and faculty actually make a difference in the lives of its students. We pride ourselves on our culture and the values we uphold. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we want you to make us even better! 


Job Description
- Full Time

The Admissions Liaison on the New Student Relations team is responsible for moving students through the admissions funnel for assigned region/territory in the United States and supporting the overall growth of the various stages of the admissions funnel. They work in teams based approach on geographical region (East, West, Central, etc.) to manage a caseload of prospective students in relation to the recruiting, admission, and enrollment processes. Admissions Liaisons will work with a team based on overarching geographic goals, while independently managing assignments that move students toward the next step in the admissions funnel. 


  • Regional Goals: Works with the Admissions Expert/New Student Relations Team to cultivate geographic region. Acts as one of the primary Admissions Liaisons for the New Student Relations team to assist prospective new students and families through the admissions process.  Informs, engages, and motivates students to a point of action. Provides counsel for prospective students and parents regarding academic programs of study, program requirements and scholarship programs. Accountable for maintaining relationship with a designated pool of applicants in relevant region, working with students to complete all steps as it relates to enrollment. Conducts investigation into complaints or disputes on behalf of the university management and/or prospective students and/or parents. 
  • Financial Aid: Admissions Liaisons must possess accurate knowledge regarding financial offers that are presented by the Financial Aid Office in order to clearly and accurately articulate the details of financial aid offers to the student and their family. Ensure that the student and their family understand the nuances of financial aid offers, and the unique value proposition available through an ORU education.
  • Ongoing Outreach: Manages calls, emails, and face to face visits for assigned region/territory as it relates to individual and team goals. Responsible to maintain intentional and individual outreach and communications for assigned stages in the admissions funnel. Works with regional team to assess previous years' data, review which methods worked best, which trends are better, and which functions produced the most results for designated region.  
  • Admissions Support: Serves as the primary Admissions Liaison for new students and their families as they work through the admissions funnel and through registration steps. Works on behalf of potential students that will enable them to accomplish all aspects of their matriculation into the university.  Motivates student to complete their "nest steps," including registration steps.  Determines issues that may be inhibiting movement through the system and works to resolve the issues. Resolves any unique issues that arises requiring special follow-up (i.e., prior arrests or convictions).  
  • Maintaining Interest: Analyzes, categorizes, and maintains ongoing level of student interest through the admissions funnel. Keeping a tight pulse on interest level as the student moves through the admissions funnel, maintaining accurate reflection of interest in SalesForce. 
  • Events: Responsible for prospective family experiences during visit events on campus and recruitment events off campus.
  • Communications and Outreach: Responds to selected correspondence received in the Office of Admissions and initiates correspondence to selected prospects via letter, e-mails, cards, etc. in respective region of country within 24 hours.  Provides each with appropriate information sometimes requiring problem solving with students having issues with regards to acceptance and/or special circumstances that may have a direct impact or their acceptance to the university.
  • Recruiting Travel: Work with regional team to develop, rate and pioneer contacts (including schools, ministries, churches, etc.) in relevant region of country whereby contact is made with respective organizations.  Acquires internal data related to geographic region or territory for the purpose of determining the type of follow-up required to effectively move potential student through the admissions funnel.  Independently researches and gathers information from various resources with regard to where certain events or fairs are being held in order that the university might have a presence. Assist with regional recruitment trips as needed including college fairs, churches, high schools, alumni gatherings, ministry events and other assemblies that would be advantageous for recruitment. Potential to serve as a guest speaker, discussing a variety of higher education topics including but not limited to scholarships, the college process, and particular financial aid concerns. (Admissions Liaisons are cross-trained in financial aid awarding/packaging and loan type availability.) Coordinates and/or prepares all travel, lodging and paperwork requirements, including preparation and proper filing of the travel requisition, airfare requisition, vehicle requisition, flight itinerary and trip reports.
  • Special Projects: Coordinates other recruitment projects as assigned.


Requires a Bachelor's Degree. (ORU graduate preferred.)  Must possess demonstrated ability to meet aggressive goals. Preference given to individuals with at least one year experience in a similar role.   Must be computer literate to include: Word, Excel and Power Point.  Familiarity with Banner Relationship Management systems is a plus. Bi-lingual, Spanish-speaker preferred. 

  • Must have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills and be able to articulate information well, both verbally and in written form.  
  • Must have an eye for detail due to the need for accurate record keeping/recording of information that is personal, monetary, and time-sensitive related. 
  • Must be self-motivated and able to prioritize projects. 
  • Must have the ability to exercise discretionary judgment.  
  • Excellent problem solving skills, leadership and time management skills are a must.  
  • Maintains a high level of confidentiality at all times regarding both student records and internally sensitive information.
  • Must have the ability to work both as a team member and independently; use sound judgment regarding organizational and departmental regulations, procedures, and policies; quickly establish and maintain rapport with students, faculty, alumni, administration, and parents from varying cultural backgrounds.
  • Must have the ability to prioritize multi-tasks in the midst of a fast-paced, high-demand work environment while always maintaining a professional demeanor.
  • Must remain flexible with regard to external factors that may affect the work schedule. (Examples:  Change in flight plans, prospective students or parents who require an immediate response, etc.) 

Benefits & Perks

Great Company Culture. Enjoy a Christian atmosphere.
Make No Little Plans Here. Everything you do makes a difference.
Great Team Members. People you'll enjoy being around.
Improve Your Health. Free access to the on-campus aerobic center.
Stay Sharp. Access to the ORU library and discounted tuition for yourself and dependents.
Rest and Relaxation. 10 days of paid vacation, 5 sick days and 10 days of paid holidays.
Fair Compensation. Based on your skills and experience.
Benefits. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, matched retirement savings and tuition for yourself and dependents.

Physical Demands

PHYSICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS will include but not be limited to:  sitting, standing, walking, bending, stooping, manual dexterity for use of office machines and equipment and occasional light to heavy lifting (for recruitment trips equipment).  Must have the ability to hear and speak clearly and distinctly for effective communication with parents, students, faculty and staff both in person and through electronic or printed means.  Vision to include: near, far, ability to distinguish colors, depth perception, and the ability to bring objects into focus.

Oral Roberts University employs, advances, admits, and treats in its employment and educational programs all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, status as a veteran or genetic information.

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