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1st Class Engineer

About Us

Oral Roberts University is a non-profit organization whose staff and faculty actually make a difference in the lives of its students. We pride ourselves on our culture and the values we uphold. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we want you to make us even better! 


Job Description
- Full Time

Responsible for the proper, safe, and efficient operation of the Engine Room and air-conditioning equipment provided for the supply of hot water and steam and for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning of the CityPlex towers.


Operation of the Engine Room equipment including all boilers and their auxiliary equipment, pumps, controls, valves, etc., as per the manufacturer's operating instructions and the relevant rules and regulations for safe and correct working as laid down by the State and Federal authorities.

Check and regulate devises for control of feed water (quality and quantity), fuel and combustion air, so as to obtain optimum working conditions, to supply the varying needs for hot water and steam of the CityPlex Towers in the most efficient, safe and economical manner and maintaining continuity of supply.

Operation of the chillers, boilers and equipment as per manufacturer's operating instructions and good engineering practice.

Apply all alertness and judgment in timely detection of any malfunctioning which may arise during operation of the plants and take prompt and effective action to rectify the defect and restore normal working conditions.

Shut down and start up working and standby units as may be required to meet normal and emergency situations.

Assist Chief Engineer in maintaining adequate supplies of fuel oil, water treatment chemicals, spare parts, lubricants and other supplies to ensure trouble-free and continuous operation of the plants.

Maintain proper logs and records and work schedules and assist the Chief Engineer in carrying out test runs to evaluate correct operation and plan future programs for improvements in efficiency of plant and personnel and for energy conservation.

Carry out routine maintenance work as per directions of the Chief Engineer.


Requires a High School diploma or GED  and  a  City of Tulsa First Class Stationary Engineer License (unlimited).

Requires a minimum of four (4) years working experience in similar working capacity. Must be able to learn and effectively use all mechanical and computer equipment used in all areas of the department.

Benefits & Perks

Great Company Culture. Enjoy a Christian atmosphere.
Make No Little Plans Here. Everything you do makes a difference.
Great Team Members. People you'll enjoy being around.
Improve Your Health. Free access to the on-campus aerobic center.
Stay Sharp. Access to the ORU library and discounted tuition for yourself and dependents.
Rest and Relaxation. 10 days of paid vacation, 5 sick days and 10 days of paid holidays.
Fair Compensation. Based on your skills and experience.
Benefits. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, matched retirement savings and tuition for yourself and dependents.

Physical Demands

PHYSICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS will include but not be limited to:  sitting, standing, stooping, standing walking, kneeling, crouching, squatting, crawling, climbing, twisting of upper body, handling by seizing, holding, grasping, or turning hands, but without finger dexterity, and balancing to prevent falling or erratic movement, climbing hand-over-hand.  

Oral Roberts University employs, advances, admits, and treats in its employment and educational programs all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, status as a veteran or genetic information.

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