From your web browser log into your account at http://mail.oru.edu/.

From the Options menu (top right of your browser) click on the Rules tab, select the Forward rule, then click the Create button.

  1. Type a name for the rule in the Rule name field.
  2. In the first condition field, select TO. This tells the rule to check the "To:" line in each incoming item.
  3. In the second condition field, select Matches. This tells the rule that the text in the incoming item's "TO:" line must match the text you type in the next condition field.
  4. Type your user name in the condition field.(typically your e-mail address name without the @oru.edu).
  5. In the last condition field, type the complete e-mail address of the account that you want to forward the e-item to. For example: johnsmith1122@gmail.com.
  6. Define the actions to be taken by the rule. In the first action field, type the complete e-mail address of the account to which you want to send the item. Include other addresses to which you might want to courtesy copy or blind copy.
  7. Type a subject to the e-mail indicating that it is moving from the old account to the new. For example: From johnsmith1122@oru.edu to johnsmith1122@gmail.com. (Optional)
  8. Use the message field to include any other notes or instructions for the reader at the new account. (Optional)
  9. Click the Save Button

All incoming mail to your account will now be forwarded to the e-mail account that you have indicated.

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